7 Entrepreneurs Reveal The Business They are Starting Next Year

As we wrap up 2019, there are those business ideas you’ve been longing to start and 2020 is the year to implement them. This could be a home-based business, franchise option or whatever option looks attractive to you. One thing is certain, your business can succeed if you can put in the right energy and bring in the right people to kick-start it.

We asked entrepreneurs and business owners the businesses they’re starting in 2020 and here are the responses.

#1- International communication company

Photo Credit: Victory Ram

I have spent 11 years in the world of professional coaching – I coach communication skills, personal image and branding, and competitive presentation skills (on the pageant stage) through my company: Be Victorious Prep. As I end 2019, I am actively working on expanding into an international communication company. I am starting by seeking out opportunities with organizations and professionals that want to create an elevator pitch, get public speaking coaching, want to edit or create their mission statements, and more. Whenever an organization or CEO needs assistance with communication skills, techniques, or practices, I want to be their right hand professional.

Thanks to Victory Ram

#2- Web application

Photo Credit: Maruf Firoz

We're going to develop a web application to integrate online learning environments. It will be accessible not only to our students but also to IELTS candidates all over the world. By using this application candidates can take IELTS tests, check their band scores, learn from their mistakes and get useful tips and advice from some of our highly experienced instructors. We will launch some free and paid courses in 2020. So students can practice IELTS from home.We will launch some free and paid courses in 2020. So students can practice IELTS from home.

Thanks to Maruf Firoz,!

#3-Personal consultancy blog

Photo Credit: Muhammad Farasat Khan

Internet marketing is growing and 57% of companies got new customers from their blog 52% from Facebook and 62% from LinkedIn. Whereas I have been developing my skills and growing my experience in the field of digital marketing at quite a fast pace. With this in my mind I am looking forward to starting my personal consultancy blog to share my wealth of knowledge with the people who are just starting up. I want to make sure the ones who are just starting out don't make the mistakes that I made while starting my digital journey. Not a lot of people think to venture into digital consultancy like Neil Patel or Brian Dean, but I think that is my goal for 2020.

Thanks to Muhammad Farasat Khan, IsItWP!

#4-Digital coaching and strategy

Photo Credit: Hila Willing

2020 is an exciting year when I get to launch my Thrive and Earn Digital Coaching and Strategy business. I get to help other bloggers and entrepreneurs take action towards their big dreams. I provide women with a strong foundation, actionable tips and tried and tested strategies to find ways to make a livelihood from their passions using the most powerful tool at our disposal – the internet. Empowering solopreneurs to grow their online income and become the catalyst to help them do something they absolutely LOVE (and be profitable with it).

Thanks to Hila Willing, Thrive and Earn!

#5- Federal purchasing data

Photo Credit: Josh Ladick

I am looking to build a small business in 2020 offering federal purchasing data in a better format than that found on their public-facing websites. I intend to build a web-tool around this data with actionable suggestions. The overall mission is to put intel in the hands of small businesses. This will better equip them to make strategic decisions in their federal business development. The big players in the federal market have teams of data analyzers they can leverage. This is a tremendous advantage over small business. I believe this information is sought after by SMBs but is just not currently being delivered in an actionable way.

Thanks to Josh Ladick, GSA Focus!

#6- Consulting Business

Photo Credit: Aqsa Tabassam

2020 is a time to cash my expertise in the form of a consulting business. I have thought of going into this business because it comes with satisfaction and money with comparatively fewer efforts. I have spent years to enhance my skill set and to build up my expertise. It took the very soul out of me to brand myself in the industry. Now, it would be fulfilling for me to guide others in light of tested and approved strategies. This business is like cutting higher checks by spending less time comparatively instead of relying on a few bucks coming from monetization.

Thanks to Aqsa T., Brandnic LLC!

#7- A diverse stock photo company

Photo Credit: Neusa F

I am the Co-Founder & Business and Marketing Director at RAERE. A progressive beauty and the education center for those looking to create long-lasting careers in the beauty industry. My new business venture is inspired by my current business and the content creation roadblocks. Like many companies from time to time stock photos are useful for your marketing efforts. As a woman of colour I look to use a diverse range of models from different ethnicities and identities for our marketing materials. I believe that representation is important, everyone should see themselves in diverse spaces. Unfortunately, most stock photo companies lack the diversity culturally responsible companies are looking for. Years of frustration has lead to myself and a team of skilled photographers to work on a diverse stock photo company that will feature high-quality fashion, beauty and lifestyle photography. The beauty industry is so much more than the current narrative, there’s beauty in everyone and it’s about time we break deep-rooted stereotypes and ideals of who and what is beautiful.

Thanks to Neusa F., RAERE!

What business are you starting next year? Tell us in the comments below. Don’t forget to join our #IamCEO Community.

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