11 Entrepreneurs Describe The BHAGs (Big Hairy Audacious Goals)For Their Business

Have a goal that’s third parties think is impossible? Often entrepreneurs and business owners create their daily, weekly, quarterly or yearly goals around their business. It could be more revenue, hiring clients or launching a new product or service, where setting goals presents a fresh opportunity to achieve different objectives. Some of the goals may sound unrealistic or unachievable to someone but if you and your team believe in it, there’s no reason why you should not go for it.

We asked entrepreneurs to share their BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) and here are the insightful responses.

#1- Displace my competition and lead

Photo credit: James Magee

To break out, I’ve focused on benchmarking my competitors and finding their best practices. To move forward, I’ve started by abandoning my DIY websites and investing in a professionally-managed SEO-friendly website. This will allow me to start using the advertising markets that I’ve always dreamed about using.

Thanks to James Magee

#2- A drop in the amount of sugar consumed per day by kids

Photo credit: Darren Litt

As a father and founder, I’m motivated to end our kid's dependence on sugar and start a conversation about its dangers. We like to say sugar is the new smoking. We’re mission-driven to make sure parents are educated about the health risks so kids don’t grow up dependent on sugar as is common with prior generations. That idea permeates everything we do.

Thanks to Darren Litt, Hiya Health!

#3- Sit under the oak trees being interview by Oprah!

Photo credit: Katie Grimes

I see us gabbing, just us girls, about love addiction. What is it? Who has it? How do you know if you have it and how do you get help? I see Oprah asking me about my biggest struggle (trying to seek love from others) became my greatest lesson. It’s the lesson I teach others. How do you lower your anxiety and the fear of being abandoned? How to overcome Loneliness and the fear of intimacy. How to turn towards a power higher than yourself to trust and protect you from feeling like you’re not good enough and unloveable.

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Thanks to Katie Grimes

#4- Curate the best of the rest from cinema history

Photo credit: Ryan Lambert

I'm sure many people are bored with the carbon-copy superhero schlock that feels like it was designed for adolescents and lucky for them there is a whole WORLD of wonderful movies available to watch at their fingertips. Unfortunately, there is too much content on the internet; I aim to cut through that noise and recommend flicks that are worth the several hour investments—no need to spend half that time scrolling through streaming services. After building up plenty of goodwill and good taste on behalf of my readership, I plan to make my own feature film.

Thanks to Ryan Lambert, FlickPicking!

#5- Reach 1 million spaces in the next two quarters

Photo credit: Chandrashekhar Bhide

ZeroVir offers automated, contact-less sanitization for B2B enterprise customers using UltraViolet light & IoT modules. We work with hotels, restaurants, schools, colleges, office complexes, cab operators to provide clean shared spaces like meeting rooms, lifts, toilets, cabs to their users. Our BHAG is to reach 1 million such spaces in the next two quarters (i.e. till 31-Mar-2021). The interesting thing is that this business was started in April-2020, bang in the middle of a COVID19 lockdown! Our team is fully committed to making this happen!

Thanks to Chandrashekhar Bhide, ZeroVir!

#6- Have my own TV show

Photo credit: Terri Jay

The shows to demonstrate my abilities and help people and their animals to heal their lives with the messages I receive. I am an intuitive, medium, pet psychic, horse whisperer, remote viewer, intuitive communicator and more. I currently do readings by the phone all over the world but the information that I receive for one person could apply to hundreds, maybe even thousands of other people. Too many individuals who do this work base their work in woo-woo and fear so they can control their clients. I base my work in physics – everything is energy, frequency and vibration.

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Thanks to Terri Jay

#7- Sell as many books as my mentor Helene Hadsell

Photo credit: Carolyn Wilman

By doing so, I know I am fulfilling my destiny of helping others learn how to help themselves. Teach them how to become a winner, both in sweepstakes-and in life.

Thanks to CarolynWilman, Idea Majesty!

#8- Help 1,000 businesses begin to become green

Photo credit: Tim Brazier

Climate change is a very real threat that we are all responsible for, that’s governments, businesses and people. Many people and businesses are aware of the issues but don’t know where to start and are concerned by the impacts changes may have on their business. Feeling connected, supported and part of something bigger is key to continuing to take positive actions towards sustainability and not being overwhelmed by the size and scale of the problem.

Thanks to Tim Brazier, 1000 Green Businesses!

#9- Double my business in size

Photo Credit: Deborah Sweeney

I believe MyCorporation is on the right track for this growth and I'm excited to keep hiring new talent to come join our incredible team!

Thanks to Deborah Sweeney, MyCorporation!

#10- Retire and live abroad in Ghana

Photo credit: Chisa Pennix-Brown

I want to teach the masses via livestreams and host retreats 4 times per year to help women Give it To The People. I will also export fabrics and all the pretty baubles I can find when I travel to as many countries on the continent as possible. In my spare time I will rent out a wing of my home to AirBNB travelers and host an annual New Years Celebration. It sounds like a lot, but helping people in abundance brings joy to the heart. I want to be remembered as a person who birthed a generation of entrepreneurs.

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Thanks to Chisa Pennix-Brown, Lady Bizness!

#11- Change the way people view martial arts

Photo credit: Velin Dragoev

Martial arts have been a part of my life from a very young age, and I've seen a lot of different perspectives. To some, they're a way to stay in shape, to others – a self-defense tool, or just a way of gaining self-confidence. But to me, they're so much more. They're a way of mindfully going about life, and greatly enhancing your problem-solving skills – regardless of what these problems may be. My overall goal is to bridge the gap between the way I use martial arts in my daily life, and the conventional way people have of looking at them.

Thanks to Velin Dragoev, KeenFighter!

What's the BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) for your business? Rescue a CEO Tell us in the comments below. Don’t forget to join our #IamCEO Community.

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