18 Entrepreneurs Explain How Technology is Impacting Their Business Today

It’s becoming increasingly important for every business to have at least basic technology to run daily operations in the current day society. It makes communication seamless and brings both tangible and intangible results. Despite the glowing positive side of it, technology also has its negative implications on business, especially in this cyber-crime era.

We asked entrepreneurs and business owners how technology is impacting their business and here are the responses:

#1- Capturing The Voice of the Customer

Photo credit: Rajiv Lamba

Advancement in technology has undeniably modified how businesses operate today. No matter the size of your company, technology brings tons of benefits that help you make money and produce results as your customers demand. How technology helped our business was to enable us to bring our clients closer to their customers. With our AI-enabled feedback management platform, our clients can now track customer feedback in real-time and with instant notification alerts, we are able to close the loop with unhappy customers instantly.

Thanks to Rajiv Lamba, SurveySensum!

#2- Connect with a collective audience worldwide

Photo credit: Amy Lee Westervelt

I have clients in Australia and clients in the next town and I can coach both of them with the same customized attention. I love the diversity of my community and the different perspectives they all bring to the group and programs. Technology truly is the key to my geographic freedom and I feel blessed to have it!

Thanks to Amy Lee Westervelt, Gratitude and Glamour!

#3- Collaborate and communicate efficiently

Photo credit: Derek Gallimore

Of course, technology is very positively impacting our business, especially during this time when my team is working from home. My business is under the outsourcing industry, and we work with several clients around the globe, and we manage employees who are now working remotely. Tools brought about by technology help us collaborate better and more efficiently communicate with each other. It has become the foundation of the company.

Thanks to Derek Gallimore, Outsource Accelerator!

#4- Gain insight into performance and audit

Photo credit: Bogdan Marinescu

Simply put, we would not exist without technology. First, because we are a performance digital marketing and PR agency, so we rely on a myriad of tools to gain insight into performance, to audit and improve and report on our success. Second, our business was set up on the remote working model from day 1. We have a head office, but everyone works from home 99% of the time, some in different countries or continents. Technology is paramount in helping us keep that business model alive.

Thanks to Bogdan Marinescu, Digital Trails Marketing!

#5- Four ways

Photo credit: Alexandra Zamolo

There's no doubt about it – technology makes almost every aspect of daily business simpler and more efficient. While some companies may drag their heels when it comes to implementing new apps and software, I go by a very straightforward method of making decisions when it comes to tech. I ask myself a few questions. Will it make my job easier? Will it save me valuable time? Can it help deepen my connection to my customers? Will it help keep my employees more engaged? If I can tick off just a couple on this list, then it's definitely worth a trial run.

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Thank to Alexandra Zamolo, BEEKEEPER!

#6- Learning through the internet

Photo credit: Ben Walker

Technology has served us well now, more than ever. Because people are stuck at home, they have all the time in their hands to learn new tools to make working a lot more effective. That, in turn, boosts their productivity and quality of output, which benefits the business, overall.

Thanks to Ben Walker, Transcription Outsourcing!

#7- We've increased our marketing budget

Photo credit: Bradley Keys

With more and more people utilizing social media and relying on Google for information, it's crucial for businesses to have all hands on deck to boost brand awareness. To do this, we need to have more efficient marketing meetings, and technology has also been helping us in that aspect since it's tough to brainstorm and develop projects outside the office setting. Nevertheless, in the marketing aspect of businesses today, technology has a huge impact on our strategies to make our brand visible.

Thanks to Bradley Keys, PatchMD!

#8- Enhance virtual collaboration

Photo Credit: Jonathan Bass

Technology has been a huge help with combating the inability to collaborate while working remotely. I have focused on building systems to enhance virtual collaboration through already existing technology tools available to us, such as Zoom, Skype, Google Meets, Slack, and Telegram. I think it’s vital to have video conferencing for internal communication purposes. It allows your team to visually see each other, react on FaceTime. It keeps everybody together and feels like a team. Technology has also had a positive impact on the state of my company culture and employee morale, as we can stay connected through having to work from our homes.

Thanks Jonathan Bass, Whom Home!

#9- Need for a good looking website

Photo credit: Luke smith

Technology has increased the need for a good looking website and a presence on social media. A few short years ago, we received more traffic from mailers, cold calling and billboard ads. Now we have leads coming in from social media and our website online. Every generation is online at this point, and willing to transact this way. If you're not online and you have a business, you're losing tons of opportunities.

Thanks to Luke Smith, We Buy Property In Kentucky!

#10- Two ways

Photo credit: Simon Dwight Keller

One way technology has impacted our business is by Improving our customer experience. We depends on CRM to provide a seamless experience. Another way is increasing employee engagement. Technology allows us to keep employees engaged and encourages them to collaborate for sharing files and essential information. In addition to this, technology also reduces the level of stress.

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Thanks to Simon Dwight Keller, SDK Marketing!

#11- Ability to survive the pandemic

Photo credit: Jason Akatiff

My favorite remote work tool is Zoom because it allows for a large number of guests to meet at the same time but also offers the option of turning the front camera off as well as the mute options. It is a well-designed tool that provides opportunities for smooth and efficient connection and collaboration. Other tools that have helped my business operate smoothly are Slack, Telegram, Google Meets, Google Calendar, QuickBooks, and Trello for project management. Because of these tools and the ease of their use and availability, my business was able to not only survive the pandemic but also significantly grow.

Thanks to Jason Akatiff, Boundery!

#12- Enabling online incorporation filings

Photo Credit: Deborah Sweeney

Technology continues to have a positive impact on our business. We provide online incorporation filings to entrepreneurs and small business owners and have a chatbot feature on our home page. In addition to reaching us on our website and calling us on the phone, customers may use the live chat to leave their name, email address, and number. This gives our customer service team the chance to circle back and is particularly helpful when customers reach out after our office hours.

Thanks to Deborah Sweeney, MyCorporation!

#13- Add QR codes on my marketing collaterals

Photo credit: Matt Rostosky

Aside from social media helping me source buyers and sellers of properties, I've started adding QR codes on my marketing collaterals so interested leads can easily access my online information. In addition, the smart home trend has been picking up steam these past few years with more buyers looking into moving in a connected home that makes it convenient for them to access their appliances, light fixtures, security tools and other things in the house through voice-command technology.

Thanks to Matt Rostosky, Cashofferky!

#14- Facilitates business

Photo credit: Jace Beeny

As someone who runs a digital marketing agency, technology has a lot of impact on me. We have to come up with different strategies to catch up with the technology that has been recently developed. For example, we have had to subscribe to Zoom so we can facilitate business in this COVID-stricken world. If we won’t adapt to the changes, then we will be left behind and we will soon be out of business. Digital marketing highly depends on technology, which is why we need to move with it all the time.

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Thanks to Jace Beeny

#15- Listen and resolve court case online

Photo credit: Arash Hashemi

Technology has impacted the business of law in major way in the past couple of decades. However, that impact has been more rapid during the worldwide pandemic. Because of social distancing and lockdowns more and more attorneys have been forced to adapt technology into their practice. Even those who refused to do so before Covid19. More and more clients are demanding to meet via video and courts have started to incorporate this technology for attorneys and the general public as well. Now one can make a court appearance from their living room rather than driving in traffic, waiting in line to get into court and sitting waiting for their turn.

Thanks to Arash Hashemi

#16- Launch virtual summits, technology

Photo credit: Krista Miller

Several years ago, technology would have posed a large barrier for less tech-savvy business owners to host profitable virtual events, but now the options are endless. There are options for those with tiny budgets who break into a cold sweat whenever they think about tech as well as options for business owners with high-ticket budgets and those who are totally comfortable with any platform they come across. The endless options and accessibility of tech platforms have widely expanded the audience I’m able to serve and the ease with which they can implement and get results!

Thanks to Krista Miller, Summit in a Box!

#17- Easier to establish credibility

Photo credit: Natik Ameen

For service companies, there should be communication about hours, availability, limitations on service, new ways to receive service, and any other people-related messages. Employees are more comfortable displaying themselves without concern about their accent getting in the way. Introverts communicate in ways they normally wouldn’t and extroverts find alternative ways to express themselves that may be more efficient sometimes.

Thanks to Natik Ameen, Canz Marketing!

#18- Create a digital footprint platform

The world of E-commerce has changed the business world forever. As a fashion business, we not only compete with well-known brands but aspiring fashion designers that are creating their business and getting their names out there. With advancing technology, brick and mortar stores are slowly disappearing and turning to E-commerce ones. Creating a digital footprint is extremely difficult compared to being in a shop with foot traffic. We now have to know SEO, digital marketing, and a variety of other online skills to compete with people from all over the world.

Thanks to Dylan Howard, Onkarri!

How is technology impacting your business today? Tell us in the comments below. Don’t forget to join our #IamCEO Community.

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