20 Entrepreneurs Reveal The Entrepreneurs They Consider to be Successful

In our societies and business, there’re entrepreneurs who have demonstrated exceptional personalities and demeanor to pull it through business.

Some of them are alive and continue to do great things while others only read about them.

Here’re the entrepreneurs, business owners, and other entrepreneurs considered to be successful.

#1- Who find what customers need

Photo Credit: Jason Feldman

Any great business starts with an entrepreneur who develops a value hypothesis in order to test and identify core product value, which is a real and substantial solution to a valuable client problem. Entrepreneurs are intimately familiar with their products. Most people succeed because they invent something that didn't exist before or because they dramatically improve an existing product after being dissatisfied with how it worked. Even outstanding goods can fail if they are uninformed of changing market needs, competition maneuvers, and other external variables.

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#2- Who solve customers' issues

Photo Credit: Gerrid Smith

Every excellent idea has a hypothesis at its core, a conviction that your product or service will be useful to a certain audience. Bloomberg's premise was that greater access to and comprehension of investment data would enable investors to make better decisions. He firmly felt that investors will benefit enormously from data organization and simplification technologies. An entrepreneur who first develops and tests a value hypothesis for the core product value (a useful customer issue solution) is at the core.

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#3- The goal-oriented

Photo Credit: John Marsano

Entrepreneurs are focused on achieving their objectives. They know what they want to do, have set a goal, and are working toward it. Determination is necessary for overcoming obstacles, and it also inspires trust in those who work with you. To become more goal-oriented, start by determining what you want to achieve and establishing your future vision. Then, to direct your actions, define a goal with a timeline. This will allow you to track your progress and keep you motivated to achieve your goal.

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#4- Who are creative

Photo Credit: Tanner Arnold

As a business professional, I believe that entrepreneurship begins with an idea and creativity and that you must be creative to be a successful entrepreneur. You must always be thinking of new ideas and better methods of doing things in order to be successful. I believe that exceptional leaders enter business not to gain money, but because they believe they can do it better than others have. And, quite often, out of personal dissatisfaction with how other people have handled it.

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#5- Who take risks

Photo Credit: Dan Close

Entrepreneurship is frequently associated with a high level of risk. While it is true that starting a business requires an entrepreneur to accept risks. While many things might go wrong and there are many things that can go right as well. As stated in Entrepreneurship that entrepreneurs must actively manage the relationship between risk and reward in their businesses. When it comes to reaping the benefits of their work, successful entrepreneurs are fine with facing a certain degree of danger.

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#6- Who focus on long term

Photo Credit: Steve Pogson

The majority of people associate entrepreneurship with the process of establishing a firm. While the process does not finish after the company is up and running successfully. It's simple to start a firm, but it's much more difficult to build a long-term, large enterprise. Entrepreneurship is a long-term endeavor, and in order to be successful in the long run, entrepreneurs must maintain a laser-like focus on the process from beginning to end.

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#7- Who have a clear vision

Photo Credit: Susan Melony

As a business professional, I believe that the most successful entrepreneurs have a clear vision of what they want to do, how they plan to achieve their goals, and who they will need on their team to get there. Their vision serves as a compass, pointing them in the direction of opportunities that no one else has discovered. They may also communicate
their goal to employees and investors in a way that they can grasp. Entrepreneurs can find people with whom they want to collaborate through networking possibilities.

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#8- Warren Buffett- economical lifestyle

Photo Credit: Sumit Bansal

Warren buffet is the fourth richest person on the planet, with a net worth of about $85 billion. Buffett is best known for his investment acumen. At the age of 16, he gained more than $53,000 from investments, and his present company, Berkshire Hathaway, which he purchased and changed from a textile company into a holding corporation. While there is plenty to learn from this financial master, one factor that sets Buffett apart from other business leaders is his frugal lifestyle and commitment to conserving money.

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#9- Jack Ma- for overcoming rejections

Photo Credit: Michael Hammelburger

He rose from poor beginnings to become a self-made millionaire. Jack had failed university entrance exams thrice and he was the only one rejected out of 24 applicants at KFC and dissolved two initial ventures. But he turned things around and never doubted himself. He then went on to build an e-commerce giant from his apartment. I always keep his quote in mind, We keep fighting. We keep changing ourselves. We don't complain. Jack Ma's exceptional life exemplifies perseverance in the face of adversity and embracing rejections and setbacks as chances to drive oneself forward.

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#10- The passionate

Photo Credit: Jennifer harder

Successful entrepreneurs, in my opinion, are those that have the strongest passion. Nobody can do anything if they do not have a burning desire to succeed. As a result of this unwavering commitment, motivation begins to develop in the mind of an entrepreneur as he takes on new responsibilities and learns new skills in order to accomplish his goal. Motivation keeps the blood flowing, enabling entrepreneurs to maintain optimism and overcome difficulties as they progress toward their goals. This is why a successful entrepreneur exhibits a new level of passion and motivation.

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#11- Blake Mycoskie for philanthropy

Photo credit: Michelle Ebbin

Game changers are successful entrepreneurs. They help improve people’s lives by creating innovative products or services. We can identify some social entrepreneurs along this line: Blake Mycoskie of TOMS shoes which donates one pair of shoes for every one sold. He also supports birth, water, anti-bullying, and gun-control initiatives; or Muhammad Yunus, who founded the Grameen Bank, which offers collateral-free loans and banking opportunities for micro-businesses. Successful entrepreneurs are not only after making money. They come up with ground-breaking solutions for social good.

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#12- Who inspire others

Photo Credit: Nebojša Angelov

An entrepreneur that is passionate about solving problems. Today’s world is all about success. But what really is success? Success for entrepreneurs is when they solve a problem for a group of people or society in general. For me personally, the passion was about building a team and organization where talented people will find inspiration even if living in an underdeveloped country. I knew that talented people don’t just move abroad because of a good salary but because of a lack of places where they can thrive and develop.

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#13- Who are determined

Photo Credit: Ryan Fyfe

Entrepreneurship is tough and they're not always successful, but their success or lack thereof is a testament to their determination and work ethic. I admire successful entrepreneurs because if they can make it as an entrepreneur then they have a good chance of succeeding as a business owner too. Starting your own business means you'll have complete control over what happens in your life from day to day. They also need to be creative with for new products and sales methods to grow their company.

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#14- Who are persistent

Photo Credit: Livonne Trory

Tenacity is a quality that defines a successful entrepreneur. To be able to be successful, an entrepreneur should be willing to do everything and work towards their business goals in a dedicated fashion. Tenacious entrepreneurs are those that once they set their minds to a project, have the unwavering motivation to not give up even in the face of challenges. Sure, there are times that they sometimes fall flat on their face, but what's important is that they stand back up and keep going until they accomplish their goals.

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#15- Oprah Winfrey- for believing in herself

Photo Credit: Joe Brown

I consider Oprah Winfrey to be one of the most successful entrepreneurs of all time. She was born into poverty and had an abusive childhood, but she didn’t let her hardships deter her from achieving her dreams. Today she is the ex-host of one of the most successful syndicated television shows in history (The Oprah Winfrey Show), a producer and actress in her own television specials, a philanthropist, and an author. On top of that, she is also a talented actress, gaining an Academy Award nomination for her first movie.

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#16- Who have courage

Photo Credit: Shiv Gupta

To establish and operate your own business, you must have courage, enthusiasm, hard work, and a sense of community. Courage will propel you to begin and climb the steep learning curves you will face, while passion will entice others in your community to join you on the quest. Every entrepreneur I've ever worked with has put in a tremendous amount of effort to get their business off the ground and locate mentors who can assist them.

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#17- Cristiano Ronaldo- faced competition

Photo Credit: Ryan Nieman

We all know this name because of the person’s antics in the soccer world, but little do people know about the entrepreneurial side of his life. As he grew famous as an athlete, Cristiano launched his menswear brand by the name of CR7. With an active following all around the world, his brand immediately went off the hook and was boosted. The brand
now has different categories. It is infrequent for someone to launch their products in varying competitions and become a significant player in the market. This is what makes Cristiano Ronaldo a successful entrepreneur for me.

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#18- Who grow at a steady pace

Photo Credit: CJ Xia

A successful entrepreneur doesn’t try to get overnight success because they know it will not stay for a long duration. Rapid growth kills businesses. With scale comes bigger problems. A good entrepreneur grows at a sustainable pace. They don’t bite off more than they can chew. They don't accept a new client if they aren’t 100% sure they can provide them with a great experience. So when your business is young, your reputation is fragile. Don’t risk compromising it by growing too fast and sacrificing quality.

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#19- Ralph Lauren- for his willpower

Photo Credit: Ron Wysocarski

I highly admire Ralph Lauren as a successful entrepreneur, as he is one of those people who have created something from nothing. Starting from a mere sales assistant, he became a fashion industry titan using his indomitable determination and willpower. His company, the Ralph Lauren Corporation is a multibillion-dollar company today. Indeed, he is one of the most successful entrepreneurs ever, as he has gained a lot of money and achievements from the mere minimum opportunities.

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#20- Ben Horowitz- for his perseverance

Photo Credit: Prags Mugunthan

Survived all that by building a sustainable business culture to persevere through the rough times. In my eyes, Ben is successful as he joined the internet space in its
infancy and shaped it. Both as an employee and as a founder – seeing both sides of the coin. Having survived the struggle, he consistently pays it back to the community by sharing know-how. All whilst shaping the world by funding and guiding the next-gen of founders and entrepreneurs. Plus, his bromance with the hip-hop legend, Nas – who he co-invests with – does not hurt.

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What entrepreneur do you consider to be successful? Why? Tell us in the comments below. Don’t forget to join our #IamCEO Community.

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