30 Entrepreneurs Share Their #1 Goal for 2022

Every new year and right after the ball drops, it’s time to go to work. Often entrepreneurs and business owners create their New Year’s Resolutions around their business. It could be more revenue, hiring clients, or launching a new product or service, but every new year is an exciting time because it’s ripe with opportunity. We asked entrepreneurs to share their biggest goals and what they were looking forward to in 2021.

#1- Expanding skillset

Photo Credit: Wes Marlan

I plan on expanding my skillset in 2022. It's very easy to get cozy with what you know and just focus on what's working at the time. But what if there's a better way to do something? Is there something I'm doing that can be done better? These are questions we should all be asking while applying discipline to keep learning new skills. Websites like Udemy, YouTube, and LinkedIn Learning are chock full of short video tutorials to help keep your ingenuity sharp and ready.

Thanks to Wes Marlan, Lighthouse Web Design, Inc!

#2- Scaling up

Photo Credit: Michael Peres

The year 2021 has presented a lot of business opportunities for us and we have successfully established our workflow and protocols. With that, our main goal in 2022 is to scale up and ensure that when we scale up, our business stays on top of the industry. Hence, we have to ensure that there are no flaws in our processes and that our workflow is producing the maximum amount of output with their given energy input. We will make sure that there are no seemingly frivolous inefficiencies that can become exponentially more compounded as the company tries to scale.

Thanks to Michael Peres, Michael Peres!

#3- Investing in the best people

Photo Credit: Jar Kuznecov

My goal for the coming year is to invest in the best people and create solid processes that set them up with opportunities. When you begin treating your employees as assets rather than expenses, they'll be able to tap into their real potential; this will give both parties a win-win situation because teams want the opportunity to encourage their growth and boost their performance, which means greater productivity from both those working side-by-side at any given moment.

Thanks to Jar Kuznecov, Water Softeners Hub!

#4- Creating more jobs

Photo Credit: Andrey Priobrazhenskiy

As a CEO, my ambition for 2022 is to expand my company and create more jobs. As a result of the pandemic, not everyone has managed to hold onto their work. Initially, I would like to hire people from my neighborhood, with the goal of expanding to other communities in the future. I will also be collaborating with other small businesses in order to assist them in providing for their families. This will help those who lost work due to the pandemic. I also look forward to working with bloggers to spread the word
about my business even more

Thanks to Andrey Priobrazhenskiy, Discount Reactor!

#5- Taking time for myself

Photo Credit: Rich Rudzinski

As a business owner, I often forget to take time to focus on myself. I see personal care as the foundation of everything – if I’m not taking care of myself first, then my relationships, work, and everything else are prone to falling apart. This is why it’s important to make it a goal to spend even just half an hour of your day to pull away from everything and focus on yourself. This helps us to destress, refresh, and clear our heads to tackle the various challenges that come with running a business. If we don’t take the time to invest in ourselves, who will?

Thanks to Rich Rudzinski, Oversight. co!

#6- Giving my team breaks

Photo Credit: Adrian Pereira

With all of the changes we’ve had to make to our company since the pandemic, each person on our team has had to put in so much work just to adapt to these changes. Our employees are the most valuable parts of our business, and investing in them helps to get their best selves working. I believe it's important to let my team know that they can take breaks when they need to. This way, they can take time to recharge and relax while not worrying about work so they can come back even stronger than they were before.

Thanks to Adrian Pereira, The Eco Pea Company!

#7- Providing employee engagement software

Photo Credit: Logan Mallory

My #1 goal for 2022 is to help my company become the number one provider of employee engagement software. With engagement at an all-time low, getting our software into the hands of more businesses can really make a positive impact and turn that statistic around. What we offer is a way for employees to feel appreciated at work as well as a way for managers to easily recognize and engage with their employees, both of which are incredibly important in the workplace

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Thanks to Logan Mallory, Motivosity!

#8- Being prepared for the unexpected

Photo Credit: Sean Kelly

If the pandemic taught us anything, it is certain that we should be prepared for the unexpected. It's important to keep business agile. When Covid-19 hit worldwide, I was not ready to pivot and keep pivoting as things continued to change. Luckily, now we are in our new normal, apart from the knowledge I gained, I've learned to never be neglected. I think I am ready for any curveball in my way the next time.

Thanks to Sean Kelly,!

#9- Rescuing domestic violence victims

Photo Credit: Sameera Sullivan

The pandemic directed a lot of traffic to my business, and one most occurring issue that clients brought over the past two years was domestic violence. A lot of couples, unfortunately, saw the violent side of their dominant partner. With so many common occurrences, in 2022 we plan to launch a separate helpline and rescue team for sufferers of domestic abuse. I figured that telephonic conversations provide limited help to the victims, and physical intervention is required. With this separate department, I am hoping to save and rescue as many people as I can from abusive relations.

Thanks to Sameera Sullivan, Relationship expert!

#10- Improving our financial health

Photo Credit: Edward Jones

Our company may have struggled during the height of the pandemic, however, we have managed to come out stronger. One of the biggest problems we encounter was staying financially stable, especially when revenue was barely coming in. In 2022, we aim to have a better handle on how much money is coming in and going out. We hope to have an ongoing budget for our expenditures. The next year, we will work on improving the fiscal health of our organization. We will have a money makeover to be able to withstand even bigger issues the COVID-19 brought with it.

Thanks to Edward Jones, HomeCareHow!

#11- Growing our market

Photo Credit: Mark Castley

Our number 1 goal for 2022 is to grow our market control both domestically and internationally. We are successfully dominating the core markets within the Dubai Real Estate arena and our recent growth into New York, Los Angeles, and Miami is proving to be extremely successful. One of the key metrics of success in Real Estate is having a large market share. We are dedicating a lot of time building on our already impressive market share and this is an ore focus for us throughout 2022.

Thanks to Mark Castley,!

#12- Promoting work relations

Photo Credit: Thomas Mirmotahari

To expand on growth ideally, take on more clients and further spread the awareness of improving employee engagement, to encourage a paradigm shift in the working culture. In 2022 my one goal is to promote a more humanistic, less bureaucratic approach to working relations between employer and employee. We must support each other in our individual journeys and endeavors and also climb over those boundaries of work that
create impediments to personal development. Throw the box out completely to create new work cultures that will support the employee and improve productivity.

Thanks to Thomas Mirmotahari, Perk Up!

#13- Investing resources correctly

Photo Credit: Sarah Kiran

My main focus for the coming year will be on investing my time and money in the right places. To preserve client trust and loyalty, I believe it is essential to have a strong brand that gives both quality and originality. Your customer is the determining factor in whether or not you succeed. I'm proud of who I am, and as I move forward in life, I hope to not only be grateful for all of the good and bad experiences I've had, but also to confront any challenges head-on and take every chance that comes my way.

Thanks to Sarah Kiran, Good Cloud Storage!

#14- Prioritizing self-care

Photo Credit: Olivia Tan

My goal for 2022 is to prioritize Self-Care. Self-care means being active in safeguarding my health, including physiological needs and mental well-being. Therefore, following a sleep schedule will be a self-care goal. Taking time in nature and meeting a friend for coffee and doing some exercise will be equally suitable for my routine. To conclude, implementing my self-care exercise, I have to track my mood to help me determine whether I am allocating enough time for body and mind recovery.

Thanks to Olivia Tan, Coco Fax!

#15- Identify pitfalls

Photo Credit: Jignesh Gohel

We often think of a new year as a new beginning. If you are looking to the future with high hopes, remember to look back to see what you have learned. Learning new skills or developing existing ones to reach higher skill levels is one of the best ways to advance your career. Taking skills courses, such as programming, sales, or design, allows you to diversify your applications, which turns out to be a valuable asset to any project or
organization. So, is it time to look back at what is holding you back from achieving your goals? Identify the root causes and eliminate them for success next year.

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Thanks to Jignesh Gohel, OLBUZ!

#16- Reducing debt

Photo Credit: Christian Velitchkov

Every business begins with a genie granting them the means to give flight to their dreams. It is time to pay them back. For our company, we have decided to clear off as much debt including mortgages as we can. We want to stabilize the business and move forward with only our profits. We also want to maximize our profits by the same. We have noticed how much of our earnings are directed towards paying off these debts and we want to cut that out as soon as we can. Hence, reducing our company debts will be the first goal for us in 2022.

Thanks to Christian Velitchkov, Twiz LLC!

#17- Focusing on human resources

Photo Credit: Erin LaCkore

Our goal in 2022 is to be more human with better workplace bonds. We want to reduce the employee turnover rate and increase employee satisfaction in our company. Employees will be able to work better if they are satisfied with how they are being treated at the company. We want to induce group and personal development seminars and workshops. We will be offering them non-monetary perks as well like education for their children or covering their holidays, etc. we are hoping to keep our employees happy and productive.

Thanks to Erin Lackore, LaCkore Couture!

#18- Expanding my philanthropy to smart work

Photo Credit: Dan Barrett

My #1 goal in 2022 would be to expand my philanthropy reach and merge smart work and hard work in my venture. In addition, I would love to continue progressively with the process of the customized workforce and expand the establishment of jobs through the evaluation of employee interests and passion. Finally, I'd love to see my ventures rated at the top, efficiently serving our customers and meeting their needs with weight over speed, precision, accuracy, and quality.

Thanks to Dan Barrett, Pacific Precious Metals!

#19- Hiring people for exponential growth

Photo Credit: Rosie J. Pova

Entrepreneurship is not a solo act, and so exponential growth is only possible with the help of a team. For next year, my goal is to hire help in order for my business to double in revenue. Reaching and inspiring more people and kids through engagements, coaching, and bulk book sales. As business owners who provide valuable services or important products, we should not deprive potential clients of the goods we offer that they need right now, just because we're afraid or too proud to hire an assistant.

Thanks to Rosie J. Pova

#20- Being more productive and engaging

Photo Credit: Lance Herrington

My number one goal for 2022 is to create a productive and engaging environment in this new way of working. The virtual office has become the new norm, and we're constantly looking for ways we can improve communication efforts amongst team members and establish a family culture from a remote setting. We're focusing on team-building activities as well as tackling projects as a group instead of individually. The business world is evolving, and we're making our goal to adapt to it.

Thanks to Lance Herrington, UNICO Nutrition!

#21- To be innovative

Photo Credit: Vaibhav Jain

My number one goal for 2022 is to be at the forefront of innovation and take a proactive approach to how the events space should move forward. My vision is for Hubilo to be the go-to venue for virtual + hybrid event technology; redefine how people engage in many-to-many communications. We are not looking at replacing live events, but we do want Hubilo to be considered an integral part of every organization's Marketing and HR strategy, as we deliver value across the board.

Thanks to Vaibhav Jain, Novitas Communications!

#22- Becoming a better listener

Photo Credit: Corey Ashton Walters

My #1 goal is to become a better listener – to my employees and investors. A successful company consists of people who are engaged and productive, and that also goes for the CEO. How can I make this a better working environment for staff? What can I do to make investors' lives easier? Listening to their needs and molding my company around their responses will help tremendously in the long run. More than ever, we're focusing on the
employee and consumer experience, and I'm putting this into overdrive in 2022.

Thanks to Corey Ashton Walters, Here!

#23- Authenticity

Photo Credit: Jae Pak

The one thing I will strive for most in 2022 is authenticity. Many people struggle to align their consistent behaviors, words, and actions with their true inner self. In 2008 a study was published in the Journal of Counseling Psychology that links happiness to authenticity, revealing that people who consistently live by their convictions and truths are happier and have higher self-esteem. In 2022, I will strive to be my authentic self at work, in my relationships, and through every interaction that I have.

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Thanks to Jae Pak, Jae Pak!

#24- Living big, dreaming bigger

Photo Credit: Neha Naik

Dream big or go home, right? That is what many of us have been taught.  One goal is to solidify a consultancy model for recruiting. In the start-up space, the need for good recruitment practices is vast and almost overwhelming. This model needs to focus on creating a positive company culture and healthy executive leadership for the long haul. Additionally, my purpose for going into business for myself was to continue
contributing to my family financially while still prioritizing my main job: being a mom!

Thanks to Neha Naik

#25- Taking on new challenges

Photo Credit: Ryan Fyfe

To take on new challenges, both professionally and personally. I have many long-term goals, but for now, I have found myself being so focused on short-term goals that they are often swallowing everything else up. This means that by 2023, if these demands are not dialed back significantly, then it will be virtually impossible to maintain the balance between work and fun that has been instrumental in making me who I am today. Finally, I'm committed to being more mindful about what will happen next decade too.

Thanks to Ryan Fyfe, Workpuls, Inc!

#26- Continuous learning

Photo Credit: Rachel Blank

In 2022, I will learn every new thing I can. I think a lot of people fall into their careers and then stop pursuing opportunities to learn. Learning isn’t just for school. Learning is lifelong. I made a list of topics that really interest me that I’d like to learn more about. Some of them are subjects I’ve wanted to learn more about for years, and I’m done procrastinating. In the coming year, I will soak up knowledge like a sponge.

Thanks to Rachel Blank, Allara Health!

#27- Increasing efficiency

Photo Credit: Alexander Nowak

In 2022, I want to continue pushing for ever more efficient manufacturing of our products. As a new start-up, increasing our efficiency serves two purposes; firstly in achieving our mission of being a sustainably centered company, but also in keeping costs low and keeping the business agile and lean. Which will be critical for our survival in 2022. I want to see this achieved primarily through deepening our relationships with suppliers, learning how we can better refine our products to maximize raw material usage, and finding meaningful uses for material offcuts.

Thanks to Alexander Nowak, Ossey Official!

#28- Appreciating employees

Photo Credit: Shaun Price

To make sure our employees feel appreciated in the workplace. I like to plan bonding activities for our employees, including an online book club. We choose the books we’re going to read on a Slack poll with our employees. It’s a fun way to get everyone in the office involved on their own schedule. We have a Zoom meeting at the end of each month to discuss the book, then I have wine and cheese delivered to my employees' homes the night of the book club. It's a great way for everyone to get together virtually.

Thanks to Shaun Price, MitoQ!

#29-  Improving by feedback

Photo Credit: Lucie Chavez

We always appreciate the feedback of our clients, but we really want to take advantage of the data we’ve compiled in 2021. We’ve strategically accessed our weaknesses and we’ve already discussed how we can overcome them in the next year. We’ll be compiling feedback we’ve received and will be focusing on implementing changes in 2022. We want to do this in order to create the best company possible, but we also want our customers to know that their feedback is very appreciated.

Thanks to Lucie Chavez, Radaris!

#30-  Building business online presence

Photo Credit: Gabriel Dungan

If you are a business owner, and you are not taking social media marketing seriously, then you need to reconsider your business priorities. We live in a world where social media has unmatched influence, so in order for a company to build an audience, an active online presence is crucial. In 2022, I want to focus more on delivering original content on all social media platforms, as well as focusing on more engagement with consumers. Social media is the most cost-effective way of developing your brand, so use it!

Thanks to Gabriel Dungan, ViscoSoft!

What is your #1 goal for 2022? Tell us in the comments below. Don’t forget to join our #IamCEO Community.

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