30 Entrepreneurs Explain Their Motivation to Grow Their Business

Being an entrepreneur or business owner has its share of ups and downs. While the downs can be pretty low the ups always seem to triumph for a true entrepreneur at heart. Milestones are what entrepreneurs and business owners work towards. Once you finally reach a certain point then reflection can truly begin. Finding the motivation in growing your business keeps it from becoming stale in the long run. No matter which part you love most, loving them all is equally as important.

We asked entrepreneurs and business owners what motivates them about growing a business and below are their replies.

#1- To help others protect their ever-changing hair

Photo Credit: Alexa McDonald

For decades, I have struggled to find a functional shower cap that fits! After wasting money on low-quality caps, I decided to reinvent a shower cap that would keep hair dry while showering, preserve hairstyles and save time and money on hair maintenance. I dream of bringing my Always Covered shower caps to households across the globe to solve this shower time problem. I am motivated to grow my now small business so I can help others protect their ever-changing hairstyles, long hair, and everything in between while showering.

Thanks to Alexa McDonald, Always Covered!

#2-  Offering more end-value to users

Photo Credit: Justin Soleimani

My culture and my family inspired me to reinvent the furniture industry's face. I set out aiming to disrupt the rug industry by creating a product focusing on delivering more value to end-users. By innovating and maximizing our products’ utility, we can consistently bring high-value products to users that predict and understand consumer values. Consumers deserve and demand high-quality alternatives to market offerings, and we look to fill that gap.

Thanks to Justin Soleimani, Tumble!

#3- Freedom

Photo Credit: Kristina Knight

That’s the beginning and end of the journey for most entrepreneurs. We work for ourselves because we want more room for growth, for experience, for ourselves, and in working for ourselves, we have more control over our freedom. Money, of course, is a big part of that – we’re in control of how much money we bring in. Growing the business = more money. More money = more freedom. Growing the business = freedom.

Thanks to Kristina Knight, BizReport!

#4- Wanting continued success

Photo Credit: Mila Alichaev

I grow and learn with my business, and achieving success continuously keeps me going. In addition, I love my career and my passion for my career itself is my key motivator. The people I work with continue to push me every day to always strive to be better. Aside from the workplace, my child is a huge motivator in my life. Having the freedom to be with my family and seeing my child grow daily is very important to me and pushes me to want to be the best in my career and in everything that I do.

Thanks to Mila Alichaev, Manhattan Laser Spa!

#5- Fostering a customer-centric authority over the business

Photo Credit: Padmaja Santhanam

Bridging people-first culture with an agile working mindset, adopting experiments & digital transformation to create a cross-functional environment for clients/customers, removing friction to prioritize customer journey & user experience, and fostering a customer-centric authority over the business is my motivation to growing business as an entrepreneur. Encouraging remote work culture, facilitating employees with vision, and bringing innovation at a large scale within the space of the digital ecosystem is my strategy to start with growth hack strategies.

Thanks to Padmaja Santhanam, FirstPrinciples!

#6- Provide the public with as much knowledge as possible

Photo Credit: Mike Murphy

I want my company to become the website everybody comes to when they want to know anything coffee related. I was used to working in a service industry with a lot of social interaction, but it has become evident that the future of work is digital. That's why I decided a website is a perfect way to share what we as a team know about coffee and make the industry a better place. Ultimately, we as a team are passionate coffee lovers and we want our website to enable people to love coffee as much as we do.

Thanks to Mike Murphy, Fluent In Coffee!

#7- To create impact and trust

Photo Credit: Adam Berry

I was a freelancer for some time. Gradually, I realized that impactful SEO is rarely executed by a lone wolf. I was motivated to expand my business to create impact and trust in the outside world. The objective of our organization is to assist companies and businesses give a strong SEO that will help them grow. Our sway helps other merchants create better content, attractive keywords, and honest backlines that produce a powerful impression for them.

Thanks to Adam Berry, AdamBerrySEO!

#8- Provide a better way of data processing

Photo Credit: Cole South

While managing our e-commerce platforms, we tried every inventory management, or P&L tracking solution we could find. Through this process, Google Sheets was the one system that was consistent and efficient. We even consulted other e-commerce operators, and they had similar experiences. Google sheets provide the flexibility to form the perfect dashboards for your online business. Synchronize gives a boost to your Google Sheets. Using custom formulas, we amp up your Sheets’ experience.

Thanks to Cole South, Synchronize!

#9- Making an impact

Photo Credit: Harry Morton

Be it through delivering an impeccable customer experience, helping businesses meet their goals, or even creating new opportunities for our team members, creating an impact has to be the biggest driving force in pushing our business to grow. It doesn't have to be life-changing or revolutionary to make the job fulfilling even the smallest reaffirmation that tells us we're adding value to the lives of people is enough to keep us headed down this path.

Thanks to Harry Morton, Lower Street!

#10- Passion for what I do

Photo Credit: Erika Barnes

My motivation to grow my business comes largely from my passion for what I do. I’ve worked with animals for pretty much my whole life and I couldn’t imagine having a career that didn’t involve them in some way. I’ve become pretty emotionally attached to pets- whether it’s cats, dogs, lizards, or otherwise- so every day I have an emotional motivation to do well. Ultimately, this is what motivates me to grow my blog and make it into a larger business.

Thanks to Erika Barnes, Pet Smitten!

#11- To be my own boss

Photo Credit: Brian David Crane

The core motivation behind growing my business is to be my own boss and be able to guide my destiny by what I say is my soul calling. Entrepreneurship not only develops one as an individual but teaches you the value of being a hustler; when done right, it gives you the freedom to do what you want with your life. Growing my own business empowers my self-worth and removes the fear of dependency on the system or a job. Entrepreneurship also gives me the autonomy and flexibility to work wherever I want.

Thanks to Brian David Crane, Caller Smart!

#12-  To be able to provide for my family

Photo Credit: Tomas McKinless

Having a successful business allows me to take care of my family and protect them from the dangers that come with living in a city. A lot of people think that having money is about buying fancy things, but for me, it's about being able to provide for my loved ones. A lot of people think that having money is about buying fancy things, but for me, it's about being able to provide for my loved ones. Now that I am making enough money from my business, I finally feel like this dream is becoming a reality.

Thanks to Tomas McKinless, Abralytics!

#13- To work remotely

Photo Credit: Laura Rike

I started my business with a desire to work remotely and on my own schedule, and not be limited to trading my time for money. Now that I've achieved that, my goals and motivation have also grown. I am passionate about offering similar opportunities to my team – to be able to make a good living working on their terms. Additionally, I want to be able to bring my husband home from his 9-5 with the same benefits (insurance, 401K, etc) so he can be with our family and three children.

Thanks to Laura Rike, Laura Rike!

#14- Bringing the world together

Photo Credit: Rachel Houser

My mantra is to bring the world together while making it more beautiful, one design at a time. Designing brand identities and websites that are eye-catching while making a brand look and feel its best is what lights my fire. I love helping small to medium businesses by using my keen creative eye is how I do it. Seeing them gleam with excitement when they see their vision come to life after a project is so exciting and motivating to me. There is no other feeling like it.

Thanks to Rachel Houser, Oktober Designs!

#15- To be a top name in the telecom industry

Photo Credit: David Batchelor

Initially, my main motivation was to obtain financial freedom while offering organizations valuable services in the process. I've already accomplished that goal. My new-found motivation is to be a top name in the telecom industry. As a natural competitor, it gives me something non-monetary to strive for daily. Not only does this benefit my company, but it encourages our competitors to step their game up too.  As a result, consumers benefit from the innovations derived from this competition.

Thanks to David Batchelor, DialMyCalls!

#16- Family and friends’ prosperity

Photo Credit: Christian Velitchkov

Motivation can be different for every entrepreneur and for me, the stability of my family and friends is what motivates me to do my best and come up with great ideas for my business’s success. My business growth not only affects me but also my family’s prosperity. My employees are like my family and they are what motivate me to work hard so that we all can have a stable life. It also allows me to provide support to those flailing businesses through my acquisitions. It helps me to expand my networks and help other businesses as well.

Thanks to Christian Velitchkov, Twiz LLC!

#17- The creation process

Photo Credit: Erin Mastopietro

For some, their family can be a motivation. But for me, it was the creation process. I always wanted to create something great and unique. So that’s what kept me motivated to grow my business. There are also other factors like financial independence and the fact is when you are working in a company, you are not able to see growth aside from the graph in a meeting. So when you start your own business, you start to come up with creative and unique ideas because you can do what you wanted to do your whole life.

Thanks to Erin Mastopietro, Dope Dog!

#18- Desire to make an impact

Photo Credit: Leonardo Gomez

Many people wanted to start a business because they want to be financially independent and it is also a good goal to get yourself started. But my motivation is to create an impact on the individuals to whom we are selling our products and services. My goal is not limited to increasing the number of customers but how my business impacts the customer’s life. Your vision will also be reflected in your business and it will always be associated with you.

Thanks to Leonardo Gomez, Try Runball!

#19- Leadership

Photo Credit: Randi Rubenstein

The motivation for growing my business has everything to do with leadership. That may sound odd since my focus has to do with a very personal topic: parenting. Neuroscience has confirmed that childhood experiences shape every human, informing the majority of our decisions, behavior, and choices we make as adults. I once heard Seth Godin, say that education has two goals: Teaching kids to solve interesting problems and to become leaders.

Thanks to Randi Rubenstein, Mastermind Parenting!

#20- Increase the quality of education

Photo Credit: Anne Glass

My motivation to grow my business is to increase the quality of education for our students so they can become great leaders in the community. In a school, you always strive to provide the best resources to your students so they can live fulfilling and rewarding life. By expanding our resources, we can do this which will help to create well-rounded individuals. This is what motivates me to keep doing what I do, as I want to give as much as we can to our community so that one day they can do the same.

Thanks to Anne Glass, MUSE Academy!

#21- To make higher education more accessible

Photo Credit: Ishtiaq Ahmed

Coursetakers is a site that makes it easier for people to find higher and further education courses, as well as fun training courses for things like flying helicopters or learning to play cricket. I love this business and am passionate about growing it so that I can help make higher education more accessible to a larger amount of people. Growing the academy would help to increase the number of students we can enroll, as well as make it easier for us to access a state of the art educational resources to help them grow.

Thanks to Ishtiaq Ahmed, Coursetakers!

#22- Solving problems

Photo Credit: Michael Woods

While wealth is obviously one major driving force, business is more about solving problems for me. It's about bringing a revolution. I admire how certain brands have grown so big that their industry is only known by their name. Consider Coke, hardly anyone refers to Coke as a soft drink. It has become something of its own. Coke is now its own industry. That is what I aspire to achieve. That is what drives me to expand and polish my business.

Thanks to Michael Woods, Uniwide Formation!

#23- Psychological security

Photo Credit: Joshua Rich

Other than the monetary gains that are involved, in my opinion, one huge factor to expand one's business is the psychological safety that comes with running operations on a large scale. Expanding your business means putting your eggs in different baskets, minimizing risks, and maximizing returns. Thus, even if you foresee a downturn in the economy, you can still earn enough money to comfortably see through times like recessions.

Thanks to Joshua Rich, Bullseyelocations!

#24- Idea of building a better workplace

Photo Credit: John Nash

I grew up in a small town and saw how hard it was for people to find good jobs. So, I decided to start my own business so that I could create jobs and help people improve their lives. I'm also motivated by the idea of building a better workplace- one where employees are treated with respect and have the opportunity to learn and grow. Finally, I'm motivated by the idea of finding talented people and helping them reach their potential.

Thanks to John Nash, Lucy Nash!

#25- Seeing that your product is serving others

Photo Credit: Nenad Milanovic

We've been through many ups and downs, as a matter of fact we had eight ideas that weren't successful. And now, seeing that we have a product that’s been resolving problems around the globe and is being used by more than five million people, makes me mentally strong and motivated to believe in the team and our growth! Moreover, seeing that some huge names I actually grew up with and whose products I used as a kid, are now using products my company created – it’s a boost of motivation.

Thanks to Nenad Milanovic, COING!

#26- Turning my creativity into reality

Photo Credit: Cody Crawford

The act of creating itself can be a powerful motivator. There are obvious factors such as motivation and financial independence. But it is the desire to create something fulfilling that was the driving force in the formation of our company. One of the most frustrating aspects of working in a corporate office is that you never see the growth except in a graph at a boring quarterly meeting. When you start your own business, the aspect of creation becomes much more visible and is a source of great pride.

Thanks to Cody Crawford, Low Offset!

#27- My hunger for success

Photo Credit: Guy Hadas

I always dream to become successful in life and in my career just like every businessman. I always strive for greatness and make sure that every day, I am one step closer to success. This hunger in me always keeps the fire burning, it always reminds me what my goals are and to focus on achieving them no matter what challenges might come my way. That helps me to stay motivated to grow and bring my business to greatness. When you focus on the goal and keep yourself motivated, everything will fall into place.

Thanks to Guy Hadas, Age Group!

#28- New opportunities

Photo Credit: Isabella Gordan

My biggest motivation for growing my business is all the new opportunities on the horizon when you reach your accomplishments. Expanding the team, working with top professionals in the field, creating new products, and even changing someone's life. It never fails to amaze and motivate me. At the end of the day, all the hard work pays off.  And, I am motivated to grow my business to provide my wife the financial resources to live a life free of financial worry and burden should she outlive me.

Thanks to Isabella Gordan, Sleepys Express!

#29- Making a difference

Photo Credit: Charles Cridland

I believe that great entrepreneurs have the potential to change the world and make it a better place. And my biggest motivation is to become someone who makes an impact and creates a product that helps other people. My business isn't just about earning money and financial independence. It's about creating something I am truly passionate about and translating my values through my work to be helpful to the society I live in. To achieve this goal, I need to make sure that I am investing time in the right things.

Thanks to Charles Cridland,  YourParkingSpace!

#30- Having ample imagination

Photo Credit: Jeremy James

As a CEO, what motivates me the most is having an ample imagination and always asking myself why. These include many circumstances in which I desired to give up on my professional life. Occasionally it is the missteps that I created that I believed I would not heal from. Further, I likened myself to individuals who are more victorious than me, merely feeling too exhausted to reach my goal. I started to question all of my judgments.

Thanks to Jeremy James, Blue Water Climate Control!

What's your motivation for you to grow your business? Tell us in the comments below. Don’t forget to join our #IamCEO Community.

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