30 Entrepreneurs Reveal the Technologies They Most Look Forward to

It’s amazing how new technology keeps coming up. As a business owner, you must keep up with these technological improvements and perhaps adopt some to improve efficiency. They help improve your team's productivity and automate your team's business processes and processes in your business. It also saves you valuable time and helps keep track of activities happening around you.

We asked entrepreneurs and business owners about the technologies they most look forward to and here are the responses.

#1- Continued development of artificial intelligence

Photo Credit: Ed Shway

I'm most looking forward to the continued development of artificial intelligence. There are many exciting applications for AI, from automating repetitive tasks to providing insights that humans wouldn't be able to see on their own. In healthcare it can be used to diagnose diseases earlier, in finance it can identify fraud, in retail, it can optimize stock levels and predict consumer trends, in agriculture it can optimize crop yields by monitoring conditions and predicting weather patterns.

Thanks to Ed Shway, ByteXD!

#2- Advances in medical technology

Photo Credit: Andrew Kemp

Things in the medical technology world have been advancing a lot in recent years, and I can’t wait to see where things keep going. There are advances in laser dentistry and implant technology that would make it possible to deal with issues all in one visit and with greatly improved healing times. As things progress, these will only get better. Things can be easily solved with this and you will be able to conveniently get everything you need digitally.

Thanks to  Andrew Kemp, Smile Credentials!

#3- Technology related to soundproofing

Photo Credit: Robert Castelao

So, first of all, for my business purpose, I mostly look forward to the technology related to soundproofing. The world becomes chaotic daily, but we want a calm, peaceful environment. So people are always looking for soundproofing technology to reduce sound pollution. It may be a new headset, car, or other vehicle with less sound, advanced soundproofing materials, or technology for home, etc. I also look forward to web 3.0 and its impact on human life. It may make our life easy and better impact interpersonal communication.

Thanks to Robert Castelao, Soundproofly!

#4- 3D world

Photo Credit: Michael Woods

Introducing the 3D world into meetings and conferences will bring bigger changes in the business field in the future. The entire system of business meetings is going to change and business travel will no longer be an important criterion. The virtual experience of 3D is going to take up your presence of you in different parts of the world, in a matter of seconds. This way, a lot of time, money, and effort can be saved and can present smooth business conferences and meetings shortly.

Thanks to Michael Woods, Uniwide Formulations!

#5- Integration of virtual and physical worlds through technology

Photo Credit: William Rivers

The recent pandemic emphasized the importance of technology for enabling better communication. While these tech developments benefit businesses in maintaining seamless operations, they are also important for facilitating human connections. AI technology is expected to aid in this advancement as it accelerates its progress. The application of artificial intelligence makes it possible for people to connect on a human level, even if they are physically separated.

Thanks to William Rivers, Senior Strong!

#6- Virtual reality

Photo Credit: Thomas Wright

In the future, I am most looking forward to virtual reality. Virtual reality will allow people to experience things that are not possible in the real world. They will be able to experience anything from skiing on a snowy mountain to visiting a foreign country without leaving home. Virtual reality is something that I have heard of in the past, but it has recently become more widely available. I think that technology has the potential to completely change the way we interact with our world.

Thanks to Thomas Wright, The Lipo Group!

#7- 3D printing

Photo Credit: Dr. Cary Goldstein

I am most excited about the future of 3D printing. It is a technology that is already in use but will soon become the most popular one in the world. 3D printing is a manufacturing process that can create solid objects from digital data. The process involves a digital file being sliced into thin layers that are then printed onto a surface, usually with an inkjet printer. This technology will be used in many fields such as medicine, architecture, and engineering.

Thanks to Dr. Cary Goldstein, Goldstein Dental Center!

#8- Drones

Photo Credit: Jared Floyd

The technologies that I am most looking forward to are drones. Drones are a tool that has been around for a while, but they are quickly becoming more affordable, and the technology will only continue to improve. The future is bright for drones and their applications in various industries. They are expected to be used in agriculture, construction, energy, and manufacturing. Drones are a great way to make sure that your business is up-to-date with the latest innovations and technologies.

Thanks to Jared Floyd, Ajax Creative!

#9- Tesla Phone

Photo Credit: Kris Zizzo

With SpaceX and all of their satellites that have been launched recently, together with the TESLA power walls, vehicles, and their new Smart Sustainable Homes the arrival of the TESLA phones change practically everything as it will allow TESLA to connect everyone, everywhere that is under their umbrella corporation, while providing the best services at a very reasonable price. Once that happens, the world as we know it will be a thing of the past. It will be the beginning of a new era where connectivity is everything.

Thanks to Kris Zizzo, Beyond Failure Fitness!

#10- Self-driving cars

Photo Credit: Kamil Kowalski

I am looking forward to the technology of self-driving cars. Self-driving cars would make our lives so much easier. We would be able to go anywhere without worrying about driving and parking. I think self-driving cars will change the way we live forever. Self-driving cars are not just about convenience – they are also about safety and security. They can help prevent accidents by monitoring driving patterns, traffic signs, and other vehicles on the road.

Thanks to Kamil Kowalski, LimakWay Remodeling!

#11- Technology that will get all of my books in one place

Photo Credit: Burak Ozdemir

I'm most looking forward to the technology that will make it possible for me to get my hands on all of my favorite books in one place. I've been a voracious reader since I was very young, and I've amassed a collection of books that rivals some small libraries. I love books because they're easy to read on the go, but sometimes when I want to read something specific, it's hard to find it, or even remember what it was called when I do find it. The Kindle has been a great start, but there are still so many people who prefer print over digital!

Thanks to Burak Ozdemir, Set Alarm Online!

#12- AI in marketing

Photo Credit: Brandon Lee

I am quite excited about AI in marketing. Consider all of the opportunities that a computer may provide. AI is poised to revolutionize the field of marketing. Artificial intelligence may streamline and accelerate procedures, rendering marketers' jobs considerably easier. AI is growing increasingly sophisticated. It is just a matter of time until marketing strategies provide even greater outcomes. I think that technology has the potential to completely change the way we interact with our world.

Thanks to Brandon Lee, Reptile Maniac!

#13- Blockchain advancements

Photo Credit: Stefan Grasic

I have been really excited to see how the financial technology (fintech) industry has been growing and changing recently, and I think that blockchain technology is going to completely revolutionize the way we deal with money across the globe. Apparently, there are 40 Million Blockchain users worldwide as of 2022 (myself included) and we’re only a few years away from the tipping point when blockchain technology with being used at scale.

Thanks to Stefan Grasic, Business24-7!

#14- IoB

Photo Credit: John Willis

I believe that the internet is one gigantic market, where consumers seek a variety of services. I also believe that they should receive those services promptly. I am excited for the IoB wave to hit us. IoB stands for Internet of Behavior, and it consists of algorithmic code that will truly transform the web into an information superhighway. It will provide sanity to our machines, and they will then guide us to our destinations faster. IoB takes the human spirit and makes a logical guess about the consumer's needs.

Thanks to John Willis, Convertfree!

#15- Product personalization

Photo Credit: Chelsea Cohen

Product personalization is an incredible technological achievement that's only getting better every year, and I very much look forward to the mass personalization of all products and goods on the markets. In a few years from now, businesses will be able to offer multitudes of highly personalized products to their customers, and that means we all get to enjoy the things we like. We are still a long way from adopting high personalization on a mass scale, but we are slowly getting there.

Thanks to Chelsea Cohen, SoStocked!

#16- Quantum-powered computer

Photo Credit: Jonathan Merry

Quantum-powered computers are already in development, but I can’t wait to see the technology enter the mainstream. Imagine what all that processing power can do for the world, particularly the crypto industry. As it is currently, one of the biggest hurdles for widespread crypto adoption is that the infrastructure relies on dated technology. Transactions are capped at specific thresholds for most cryptocurrencies, which translates to the occasional inconvenience for the average user.

Thanks to Jonathan Merry, Crypto Monday!

#17- Automated cleaning robots

Photo Credit: Ryan Knoll

One of the technological advancements I have been looking forward to is automated cleaning robots. Not the small Roombas but advanced cleaning robots which can clean thoroughly with little to no manual assistance. It would be revolutionary for cleaning companies such as mine. These robots will be especially helpful for bulk vacuuming and mopping. This would allow the cleaner to perform the detailed work that is not automatable/not automated yet.

Thanks to Ryan Knoll, Tidy Casa!

#18- Business models for influencer marketing

Photo Credit: Sam Underwood

To succeed in business today, it's crucial to keep up with the most recent technological developments, no matter what field you're in. Finally, influencers will be compensated, and influencer marketing may function professionally. After ten years of slow growth, this sector is finally taking off, making it simple for businesses of any size to collaborate with influencers in specific markets. More avenues than ever before exist for inexpensive brand promotion, including sponsored posts, product placement, and content partnerships.

Thanks to Sam Underwood, Bingo Card Creator!

#19- Enhanced video surveillance and control systems

Photo credit: Lynne matins

My business is in real estate, and the technology I'm most looking forward to is enhanced video surveillance. Over the past few years, most real estate property management companies like ours have had to deal with voluminous data and videos that systems couldn't manage. Traditional video monitoring and control systems are incapable of handling these increased demands, which have come from increased residents, workers, and property data.

Thanks to Lynne Matins, Cash For Houses!

#20- RCS

Photo Credit: David Batchelor

I'm really looking forward to mass RCS capabilities. RCS stands for rich communication services, which will eventually take the place of MMS and SMS. Not only will it enhance our features to offer, but it'll give every company more flexibility for their text messaging campaigns. With mass RCS, companies would be able to implement their own branding within every message. Custom color palettes and logos are just some of the few things businesses could do to make their text messages stand out.

Thanks to David Batchelor, DialMyCalls!

#21- Human hibernation

Photo Credit: Jason Vaught

Technology can scare you & amaze you at the same time. The technology of human hibernation is something that I want to experience & see launching in front of my eyes. The invincible time can be skipped through hibernation. A lot of movies & web series depict how human hibernation is possible & how it can take us years ahead without aging. Although the thought of losing time might not be a good idea there is a lot of excitement & anticipation around this technology.

Thanks to Jason Vaught, 805Seo!

#22-  5G Technology

Photo Credit: Rahul Vij

The implications of 5G in business benefit in several ways, including significantly quicker data transmission speed. 5G promises little or no latency or delay in data transfer. It effectively eliminates latency and is a significant step forward in developing IoT, as 5G is capable of supporting the influx of interconnected smart devices. With the development of IoT, more opportunities will open up for IT professionals. While there is hype around 5G, it is still the province of early-adopter consumers.

Thanks to Rahul Vij, Webspero Solutions!

#23-  Smart home devices

Photo Credit: Granger McCollough

As an entrepreneur, I'm always on the lookout for new technologies that can help me grow my business. The multi-platform rollout of smart home devices that are enabled with voice control. While it’s becoming increasingly common in white goods, it isn’t an integral part of the backyard grilling and barbequing scene yet, and when the technology does become commonplace in grills, I think the demand for them will explode. And when it does, I’ll be at the forefront of that explosion ready and waiting to reap the bounty that it will show.

Thanks to Granger McCollough, Elite Patio Direct!

#24- Voice interfaces and bots

Photo Credit: Aima Irfan

Voice interfaces are one of the best technological inventions out there. This is the technology I am most interested in and looking forward to. Pertinent examples of this technology include Alexa and Siri. Voice interfaces are going to act as our personal assistants that initiate conversations through voice commands. It is also very interesting how we can change the voices to the voices of our favorite celebrities or someone else’s.  You will be able to conveniently get everything you need digitally.

Thanks to Aima Irfan, InsideTechWorld!

#25- Translators for dogs

Photo Credit: Jacquelyn Kennedy

I’ve seen a couple of times apps advertised as being able to translate for dogs, although none of them have truly been backed by science or been effective in any way. I’d love to see that kind of technology actually be developed, if possible, as it would make my job working with dogs a lot easier! If not a direct translator, then maybe technology that can better analyze canine behavior patterns and signs. As things progress, these will only get better.

Thanks to Jacquelyn Kennedy, PetDT!

#26- Development of gaming technology

Photo Credit: Anthony Quint

I’m really interested in seeing the development of gaming technology, specifically immersive and collaborative online VR gaming. VR has the potential to change the way we interact with computers and could be used for a wide range of applications in the future. We’re already seeing the potential that this has, and I’m excited for when big gaming servers are made to be capable to support such a thing, as it will revolutionize gaming and streaming, as well as my business.

Thanks to Anthony Quint, Get on Stream!

#27- Biotechnology

Photo Credit: Kami Turky

I see that biotechnology is the most practical technology in our age. Biotechnology helps and is useful in many fields nowadays. Fields like medicine, power, and agriculture. Modern biotechnology provides breakthrough products and technologies to combat debilitating and rare diseases, reduce our environmental footprint, feed the hungry, use less and cleaner energy, and have safer, cleaner, and more efficient industrial manufacturing processes.

Thanks to Kami Turky, AquariumLife!

#28- Advancements in smart packaging

Photo Credit: Isabella Flint

I am looking forward to the advancements in Smart Packaging and Plastic-Free Packaging in the food industry. Due to the ongoing climate crisis, many different plans and products have been made to ensure that we reduce our carbon footprint with sustainable packaging, and the industry is now introducing biodegradable packaging to be composted or recycled. This would be a win-win situation for both seller and buyer.

Thanks to Isabella Flint, Fanatically Food!

#29- The evolution of Fintech

Phoot Credit: Ziga Breznik

Fintech is constantly evolving and changing which means that the technologies surrounding everyday finance are going to become more intuitive and advanced. We’ve already begun to notice the increased speed of checkouts as well as the disappearance of cash altogether making our everyday experiences much more efficient. We can expect this to continue to grow in efficiency over the coming years alongside a greener financial future.

Thanks to Name: Ziga Breznik, Public Finance International!

#30- MRC

Photo Credit: Leland Smith

The technology of comprehending natural languages using machine reading will be the most anticipated because it's the only technological solution to the problems of human credulity, sloth, and dishonesty. MRC makes it possible to build systems that can read, figure out what they mean, and give instant answers while processing vast amounts of data. Give the machines all the papers and technical instructions they need to read and understand and let them figure out the problem themselves.

Thanks to Leland Smith, Charitydispatcher!

What technologies are you most looking forward to? Tell us in the comments below. Don’t forget to join our #IamCEO Community.

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