30 Entrepreneurs Explain What They Love About Being an Entrepreneur

Being in love is great. Being in love with your business, when you’re an entrepreneur, is even better. Waking up each morning knowing you are getting ready to do exactly what you love is more than most people could ever say about any “job” they have had. Although there are days when tossing in your hat seems like a viable option, remembering how much you love your “job” can quickly snap an entrepreneur out of that mentality. Different business owners also have different reasons why they love their businesses. It might be the products or the customers they deal with, or it could even be the fact that they are the ones in charge of it all. The reasons are as varied as the businesses themselves.

We asked some entrepreneurs what they loved about “being their own boss” and here is what they have to say.


#1- Creative freedom

Photo Credit: Cassandra Shuck

There is a level of creative freedom that comes with being an entrepreneur that can’t be found within the corporate world. In the corporate environment, there are rules, boundaries, and protocols to enforce and follow. Entrepreneurship allows you to dissolve those expectations and create something from scratch, a way of working that has not yet been conceptualized. I flow best when I listen to my body, paying attention to who I am and how I am to make a living for myself.

Thanks to Cassandra Shuck, Tola Marketing & Creative!

#2- Being able to help others

Photo Credit: Kate Rech

Helping others is the thing I love most about being an entrepreneur. When you first start a new business, most of your time is focused on growing your company into a successful organization. Once your business gets to the point where you no longer need to be there every day, you can spend that extra time using your skills to help those in need. Whether you're sitting on a non-profit board for young entrepreneurs or offering pro-bono services, you have the amazing opportunity to empower others.

Thanks to Kate Rech, Rech Law!

#3-  Being in control of everything

Photo Credit: Andrew Macfarlane

The challenge of making sure every single piece is geared towards the same goal is something I want to overcome. The pressure of getting it right the first time is what makes it more challenging. There are a lot of people waiting in the balance, and that makes it even more stressful. I love challenges like this, and the euphoria of overcoming something this great is comparable to nothing else. As an entrepreneur, I get to face this every single day.

Thanks to Andrew Macfarlane, We Love Brum!

#4- It allows me to push past my limits

Photo Credit: Alex Wang

There’s beauty in the struggle. I love being an entrepreneur because it provides many opportunities to persevere through adversity, and push past my limits. Every day presents new challenges to overcome, and new lessons to be learned. Being an entrepreneur forces me to be innovative and creative to develop new solutions, fresh ideas, and clear perspectives. The long, everlasting journey to success is fulfilling because I get to manifest value from nothing.

Thanks to Alex Wang, emberfund!

#5- The growth

Photo Credit: Nehal Shah

Being an entrepreneur comes with so many ups and downs. You learn early on that you have to embrace your failures, each one turns out to be a blessing and a step closer to success. Simply put, if you don’t fail, you don’t grow. Having had my fair share of setbacks as an entrepreneur, I know how much they hurt. However, I’ve also seen the beauty and opportunity behind it. The growth that roots from overcoming each and every setback is that much sweeter.

Thanks to Nehal Shah, Sona Beauty!

#6- Working with people I respect

Photo Credit: Emilie Gomez

Having my own business allows me to work with people I respect and admire. I decide who I want (and don't want) to work with. It's the same with projects – I can pick only projects that excite me. That total freedom is what I love most about being an entrepreneur. I also love the flexibility around my schedule. Even if I still work standard hours on most days, there's no pressure around it. I can start later or finish earlier based on how I feel. In short, being an entrepreneur is a more gentle and intentional way to live my life.

Thanks to Emilie Gomez, Emilie Gomez!

#7- Making a living doing what I love

Photo Credit: Brian David

The opportunity to make a living doing what I love to do is the reason I love being an entrepreneur. Having my own business helps me explore business opportunities and compete against other companies to provide the best service or product that allows me to make profits sustainably. Entrepreneurship builds you as a leader, teaches you the benefits of risk-taking, and nurtures the inner creative streak in every individual to become independent while doing something they love to do.

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Thanks to Brian David, Caller Smart!

#8- Creating jobs and opportunities for others

Photo Credit: Serdar Ozenalp

Not only do l want to create a business for myself, but I want to allow others to earn an income. Once the business is established, running relatively smoothly, and gaining clients and revenue, hiring people and giving someone a job is very important. Bringing on a new employee gives me the satisfaction of knowing that I am helping someone earn a living. Also, it underscores that the business is doing well enough that we can increase the number of team members.

Thanks to Serdar Ozenalp, Ocoza!

#9- The learning

Photo Credit: Kitty Stevenson

Being an entrepreneur is a mind-blowing experience in the best possible way. I love learning and for me founding my own ed-tech startup is like learning on steroids. Simply stated: it is exciting!  Taking the seed of an idea and growing it is an extraordinary journey whether you succeed or fail. The amount of skills that a newbie tech entrepreneur is expected to have is both empowering and overwhelming. What I’ve learned over the past two years could equate to a 4-year college education.

Thanks to Kitty Stevenson, swotknot!

#10- The satisfaction

Photo Credit: Alexis Miller

There is great satisfaction in creating something brand new that positively impacts the lives of people. We enjoy creating businesses that solve problems and make people’s lives better! It is exciting to start with an idea, see it evolve into a product, and then a business that takes flight into the community. Being able to positively impact the way people live, by creating jobs for people and nurturing their talent, allowing them to learn all the different aspects of a start-up business, is very rewarding.

Thanks to Alexis Miller, juvojobs!

#11- The thrill

Photo Credit: David Attard

The best part about being an entrepreneur is the thrill of it! The hard work and patience needed to make one a skillful person as an entrepreneur and in general. You can either construct a business that makes people happy every day or you can create something that transforms the world. Being an entrepreneur has numerous benefits, but one of the best benefits is that you are your boss. You can choose your hours and work on things that you're passionate about.

Thanks to David Attard, Collectiveray!

#12- The positive impact

Photo Credit: Kuba Koziej

I absolutely love the positive impact I can have on people’s lives as an entrepreneur. To give an example, a man wrote me an email to tell me that our article had motivated him to pursue a better job and guided him to success. I was so touched to know that we were able to reach this person and improve his life to such a meaningful extent. Now, whenever I’m having a bad day, I look back to that moment and know that whatever obstacles I face as an entrepreneur, in the end, I absolutely love what I’m doing.

Thanks to Kuba Koziej, hiJunior!

#13- Doing what you love

Photo Credit: Anthony King

From being their own bosses to managing a business of their own, entrepreneurs are in control of their decisions. The concept of “doing what you love” holds a lot of meaning for these people. It allows them to control their short-term and long-term goals, which makes them crystal clear about their demands with the people they are dealing with. Some entrepreneurs are good at problem-solving, and find comfort in solving real-world problems.

Thanks to Anthony King, Transport Executive!

#14- The never-ending opportunity for growth and development

Photo Credit: Marty Ford

I would like to say that the thing I love most about being an entrepreneur is the never-ending opportunity for growth and development, both personally and professionally. As a business owner, there are constant challenges and new skills to learn to succeed and thrive in this competitive industry. This continuous learning and growth keeps me motivated and excited every day because I know that my business will only continue to grow and improve with each step forward.

Thanks to Marty Ford, BulletpRoof Roof Systems!

#15- Building something that will last

Photo Credit: Tom Monson

For me, the thing that I love the most about being a business owner is watching the business that I have built with my own hands, grow and flourish over the years. I started my lawn care and landscaping business with a push mower and a used pickup truck. I’d drive to every house myself and bust my butt pushing that old mower up and down lawns. Fast forward to now and I have multiple crews across the Twin Cities, working on landscaping and lawn care under the name Monson.

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Thanks to Tom Monson, Monson Lawn & Landscaping!

#16- The challenge of what's next

Photo Credit: Shaunak Amin

As every company goes through its ups and downs, it's crucial to keep evolving your offering to stay ahead of consumers' changing needs. And this is why we're always reaching out to our customers and communicating with front-line teammates. Customers will order from a specific vertical only so often, so we started thinking like our audience to address their expanding needs and keep them engaged and doing business with us. In doing so, we've built relationships that bring value to our company far beyond the bottom line.

Thanks to Shaunak Amin, SwagMagic!

#17- What's not to love

Photo Credit: Temoer Terry

What don’t I love about being an entrepreneur?! Following through from a vision to a business is so satisfying. I get to meet incredible people through networking, constantly learning and improving, and providing a unique, much-needed service. I don’t need permission to forge ahead with an idea or plan. I’ve surrounded myself with the best possible talent to make bring those to fruition. The saying “Do what you love and never work a day in your life” is absolutely true for me.

Thanks to Temoer Terry, Mommy Care Kit!

#18- I get to choose when and where to work

Photo Credit: Tania Vasallo

What I love about being an entrepreneur is that I get to choose when and where to work. I get to create my own schedule which is a wonderful benefit for those of us that are wearing different hats and need flexibility with our time. As a mom, I like to be able to choose my hours so that I can spend time with my daughter and husband. When you get to choose when and where you work you can record podcasts in your pj’s, and you can take off a full month. It’s such a sense of freedom!

Thanks to Tania Vasallo, The Courage To Be Happy!

#19- The potential to create a real impact

Photo Credit: Asia Dore

I’ve been an entrepreneur for eight years, and the aspect I love most is the potential to create real impact in ways that a large corporation could only dream of. It’s easy for me to make ethical and sustainable choices without sacrificing profit. It’s easy to be an empathetic leader because I’ve cultivated genuine relationships. It’s easy to start conversations about how I can improve because I’ve focused on building a community instead of just a customer base.

Thanks to Asia Dore, Asia Dore LLC!

#20- Every day is a new adventure

Photo Credit: Leonardo Gomez

Entrepreneurship is not easy. However, it is super advantageous when it comes to your own learning curve. I love being an entrepreneur because every day is a new adventure and a new challenge. And, with every challenge, there’s so much knowledge that I’m able to acquire. I love how things have unfolded as an entrepreneur. You eventually learn a lot about yourself. Also, it is great to not have a manager in your head! Entrepreneurship doesn’t confine you like a job does.

Thanks to Leonardo Gomez, Try Runball!

#21- Being able to realize your dream is a wonderful experience

Photo Credit: Christian Velitchkov

I founded my business intending to make a difference, therefore it's both great and humbling to have a team of people working tirelessly alongside me to make that ambition a reality. Building a product that others believe in is also an exhilarating sensation that cannot be compared. Although it hasn't always been simple, being an entrepreneur has always been gratifying. You can sell products and operate in a field that you're enthusiastic about if you're an entrepreneur.

Thanks to Christian Velitchkov, Twiz LLC!

#22- Helping students achieve their goals both in school and life

Photo Credit: Wendy Weinberger

I love being an entrepreneur because I help students achieve their goals both in school and in life. When I match an Illuminos Academic Coach with a student, I consider both personalities and the student’s academic needs. That allows me to teach them the skills they need to be a great student by providing personalized 360-degree support. Being an entrepreneur has allowed me to create an educational company that caters to a great need in my community for executive function skills necessary for success but not taught in the schools.

Thanks to Wendy Weinberger, Illuminos Academic Coaching & Tutoring!

#23- The ability I have to connect to my community

Photo Credit: Kyle Risley

One thing I love about being an entrepreneur is the ability I have to connect to my community in new and novel ways. As someone who loves my time in the gym and enjoys talking to others in the industry, I see an opportunity to challenge things we like and don't like about our industry. If something isn't serving me or my community, I can change it, or work with others to build something that does. That power to leave my mark on the fitness industry is not only humbling but also inspiring.

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Thanks to Kyle Risley, Lift Vault!

#24- Every day has new excitements & challenges

Photo Credit: Jason Panzer

Business leaders’ work never ends but it does change every day. Entrepreneurs always have a variety of tasks and people to attend to, making every day new in some ways. The excitement of adapting to new challenges every day keeps work fresh and always stimulating. It also inevitably shapes leaders into more well-rounded professionals, constantly adapting and pivoting our attention and resources for our businesses and clients.

Thanks to Jason Panzer, HexClad!

#25- I can constantly keep learning and building my expertise

Photo Credit: Sam Wood

In my niche, there are always new ideas and innovations coming out – and being an entrepreneur means that I can devote time to learning about new trends, and new theories and I can delve into new research. Here’s the thing, as an entrepreneur you constantly have a lot to think about – so when I get space to zone in on my niche, I remember why I wanted to become an entrepreneur in the first place.

Thanks to Sam Wood, GoodGlow!

#26- If I have an idea, I can take it and run with it

Photo Credit: Colin Toh

I don't have to bounce my idea around different departments and I don't have to account to anyone if it turns out to be not a good idea in the first place. Admittedly, this has led to many mistakes in the past, but with each mistake, I learn a lesson. I stand and fall by my ideas in a way that would be impossible if I was an employee. being an entrepreneur allows me the opportunity to let my imagination run wild, then see where it takes me.

Thanks to Colin Toh, Headphonesty!

#27- I get to spend time with my favorite four-legged friend!

Photo Credit: Michelle Henry

Being an entrepreneur means that I have complete control over my schedule, and that means that I can focus on my number one priority. What’s that, I hear you ask? My dog. My dog is my life, and when I used to work in a corporate office before becoming an entrepreneur, I would miss my dog like crazy. Being able to be in control of my schedule means that I can take long hikes with my dog and not be clock-watching. I can organize my schedule to suit me.

Thanks to Michelle Henry, Outdoor Dog Fun!

#28- 3 things

Photo Credit: Dr. Gurpreet Sidhu

Number 1 on the list is the flexibility as a business owner to chart the direction and vision of the business. I’ve always liked to build things which led me to dentistry. The number 2 thing I enjoy the most is learning new things to improve the business. Whether marketing, techniques, or internal improvements, it is self-satisfying to constantly grow layer upon building blocks. Number 3 would be molding employees. I take great pride in being able to pass on that knowledge to the next generation.

Thanks to Dr. Gurpreet Sidhu, Lighthouse Dental Centre!

#29- Pursuing my passion full time

Photo Credit: Kirin Sinha

Running your own business can produce so many highs. There is joy in being able to pursue your passion full-time, and it’s very freeing to be your own boss. Knowing you have taken an idea or dream and nurtured it to fruition is a reward in itself. But seeing that dream become other people’s dreams, and feeling the support of those around you is what keeps you going through the difficult times. After experiencing life as an entrepreneur, it is almost impossible to imagine ever doing anything else.

Thanks to Kirin Sinha, Illumix!

#30- Celebrating small wins

Photo Credit: Justin Soleimani

One of my favorite aspects of entrepreneurship is celebrating small wins against competitors. I wouldn’t be in business if our products didn’t hold value for our customers. Knowing that I co-founded a company that accurately understood and met our customers’ needs is already gratifying, but outdoing our competition with our industry differentiators and detail to service makes me proud to own a business. It shows me that my values and ideas have merit others can see.

Thanks to Justin Soleimani, Tumble!

What do you love about being an entrepreneur? Tell us in the comments below. Don’t forget to join our #IamCEO Community.

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