30 Entrepreneurs List Their Favorite Technology Innovation

New technological innovations are coming up every now and then. Entrepreneurs have to be updated with all of them, consider them, and track how it affects their business. Not every innovation is liked by all business owners. Here are some of them which are liked by entrepreneurs.

#1- The cloud

Photo Credit: William Loopesko

My favorite technology innovation has got to be the cloud. The reason it’s so cool is that it makes it easy for anyone who knows how to code to build software; it democratizes innovation. Software products rely on infrastructure services to be able to function – things like servers, databases, connectors, and other plumbing that makes your application work. By building software in the cloud, you can access all of these services without having to recreate them.

Thanks to William Loopesko, Aclymate!

#2- Neural mapping

Photo Credit: James Angel

For many years, neuroscientists have been trying to comprehend how the brain works. Recent developments in brain mapping technologies have simplified that challenging task. An atlas of the brain in three dimensions has been made by an international team of researchers working on the Human Brain Project. The map resolution surpasses earlier attempts by a factor of 50. Thousands of brain cross-sections were digitally combined by the atlas' designers.

Thanks to James Angel, DYL!

#3- Apple air tags

Photo Credit: Ronald Osborne

As a frequent traveler, a dreaded reality has been lost luggage. This has become increasingly more difficult with the restrictions we faced during the pandemic and more recently, the airport chaos. Apple Air Tags have transformed my travel experience. When traveling I simply slip a tag in each bag, both cabin and hold, and I know their exact location until I arrive at my destination. Air tags for me have actually been pretty life-changing.

Thanks to Ronald Osborne, Ronald Osborne Business Consultancy!

#4- Google Sheets and Google Docs

Photo Credit: Giovanni Scippo

With these tools, collaboration within a team is a breeze. Multiple users can edit and format files in real time. Any changes can be checked in its built-in revision history tracker. Before this technology, you needed to email the specific file to a person, wait for their feedback, and then you could proceed. With these tools, a single document can be accessed by multiple users simultaneously, and they make changes as they see fit. These tools optimize the time consumed for collaboration and track the progress of a project.

Thanks to Giovanni Scippo, 3D Lines!

#5- Artificial intelligence

Photo Credit: Steve Sacona

My favorite technological innovation would be Artificial Intelligence otherwise known as (A.I). This innovation in the field of technology is one of the greatest that will ever exist. This individual innovation can change the entire world. It can even open up opportunities unforeseen mankind’s imagination would be short for the first time. Worlds seen and unseen would open up from every end. A brain more capable than a human brain only lacking creativity would be truly a sign to behold.

Thanks to Steve Sacona, Top10lawyers!

#6- Email

Photo Credit: Jennie Miller

For me, Email has been my favorite technology innovation. I've been using it for years to communicate with customers, vendors, and partners. It's fast, efficient, and reliable. Plus, there are a ton of great email marketing tools out there that make it easy to stay in touch with my audience. Without Email, I wouldn't be able to reach as many people or provide them with the same level of service. It's a powerful tool that has made a big difference in my business.

Thanks to Jennie Miller, Midss!

#7- Blockchain technology

Photo Credit: Dr. Naveen Singh Suhag

Blockchain technology tops my list of technology innovations in the world. In fact, I think that it is one of the biggest and most important innovations yet. But the world has not yet realized it. Most people are actually just skeptical about it because of the biases and bad wrap spread by the media, a few mainstream individuals, and the countable shortcomings, which is common for a technology still in its infancy stage. However, we can go by the progress that the technology has made in the few years that it has been around for metrics

Thanks to Dr. Naveen Singh Suhag, Inery!

#8- Life-enriching smart tech

Photo Credit: Michelle Henry

More and more of our lives are becoming integrated with smart tech. Our homes are no exception. Demand for ever-better smart home appliances and home entertainment systems is changing the way we socialize. Whether for better or worse, today is just the tip of the iceberg. Current trends indicate a greater demand for more control over how we are entertained in the home from tech. One area that may be something to watch is something called flexible viewing surfaces.

Thanks to Michelle Henry, Outdoor Dog Fun!

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#9- Smart homes

Photo Credit: Simon Bernath

Everything is getting smarter these days. From the cars we drive to the televisions we watch, just about every piece of tech you can imagine has been outfitted with smart technology. It’s only natural, then, that our homes would be next. Connected systems and phone apps now allow us to control our home’s lighting, heating, cooling, security systems, surveillance, and entertainment at the push of a virtual button. It’s a no-brainer that these “smart” technologies will continue to evolve and become integrated into our homes.

Thanks to Simon Bernath, Furnace Prices!

#10- Pet cameras

Photo Credit: Amanda O’Brien

One of my favorite technological innovations has to be the creation of pet cameras! My cats would always be able to spot different ways I’d try and monitor them when I’d leave the house. But, pet cameras are now so discreet they just look like a decoration – which is great for my suspicious cats! I can check that they are doing ok if I have to pop out for a few hours, and it gives me peace of mind more than anything else. We'll let you decide if this will be revolutionary or not for your working and daily life.

Thanks to Amanda O’Brien, The Discerning Cat!

#11- Instagram

Photo Credit: Jim Snediker

Instagram is a great and advanced social media technology that connects millions of people on one platform. It is a multitasking top-tech source through which we can do blogging, and videos, and deliver our message in a fun and creative way. It is also an effective business marketing tool and promotes your brand for that you just need an account on Instagram. Instagram helps to grow your brand awareness and make Instagram users reach your brand.

Thanks to Jim Snediker, stockmfgco!

#12- Digital assistants

Photo Credit: Cole South

Digital assistants allow a business to concentrate on important tasks by handling the menial tasks without sacrificing the client experience. These intelligent assistants are error-free and can provide reminders for upcoming occasions. Many consumers can simultaneously receive a customized customer service experience thanks to digital assistants. Likewise, virtual assistants include a variety of virtual assistants like Amazon Alexa, Google Home, etc.

Thanks to Cole South, Synchronize!

#13- Smartphones

Photo Credit: Jared Weitz

My favorite technological innovation is smartphones. Working in sales before smartphones, staying in constant contact with prospects and clients was harder. You had to physically be sat at your desk to use your phone, limiting your ability to communicate with your team or clients. Since smartphones have become widely used, I’ve found it easier to stay in touch with my team and clients, thus increasing our revenue and improving our relationships.

Thanks to Jared Weitz, United Capital Source!

#14- Virtual reality

Photo Credit: Kevin Miller

Virtual reality has significant implications for businesses and consumers in every industry. We are living through the rise of sophisticated virtual technology that can facilitate globalization, entertainment, medical training, or something as simple as trying on new clothes. Considering the recent shift to remote work's long-term implications, virtual reality tools could transform the workplace to streamline internal processes like onboarding, meetings, or interviews.

Thanks to Kevin Miller, Kevin Miller!

#15- Dextrous robots

Photo Credit: Sam Wood

If a computer's work environment changes even slightly outside its preprogrammed procedure and the whole production line could come to a grinding halt. This is where improving robotic dexterity offers an incredible opportunity for more flexible automation. While it may be possible to program robots to figure out how to grasp something by looking at it in the future, current research is trying to make them learn how to do so through a trial-and-error process.

Thanks to Sam Wood, GoodGlow!

#16- Internet

Photo Credit: Jordon Scrinko

My favorite technological innovation is the invention of the internet. The internet has changed so much over the last 20 years and it is only going to continue to grow. With the advent of social media, we can now communicate with people across the world in real time. The world has become more connected than ever before and it has never been easier to share ideas and learn from each other. I think that is why I love technology so much: because it allows us to connect with others in ways that were previously impossible or just too difficult to do.

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Thanks to Jordon Scrinko, Precondo!

#17- Augmented reality

Photo Credit: Vance Tran

My favorite technological advancement is augmented reality. Augmented reality refers to a representation of the real world that has been enhanced with digital visuals, sounds, or other sensory input that is transmitted through technology. To enhance patient care and reduce expenses, AR is becoming increasingly popular in healthcare. In contrast to virtual reality, which constructs its own online environment, augmented reality enhances the real world.

Thanks to Vance Tran, Pointer Clicker!

#18- Stratospheric balloons

Photo Credit: Hilda Wong

The internet has changed how people communicate now. Many people can communicate with their loved ones from a distance but there are still some people who are not a part of this digital revolution. Stratospheric balloons are something that carries transmitters up into the ‘near space’ to increase the internet networks across larger ruler areas. This enables people from rural areas to take the advantage of the internet and utilize it however they want.

Thanks to Hilda Wong, Content Dog!

#19- WiFi and AI voice activation

Photo Credit: Granger McCollough

They are, purely from a sales and profitability point of view, the dream team. The fact that my customers can now purchase grills and smokers that will “listen” to them and cook on command without said customers having to leave the comfort of their patio easy chairs, has made the world of amateur grilling more attractive to newcomers than it has ever been, as everyone loves an easy life. And thanks to voice activation, the life of the backyard griller has never been simpler or more straightforward.

Thanks to Granger McCollough, Elite Patio Direct!

#20- Voice recognition within gaming platforms

Photo Credit: Anthony Quint

One of my favorite technological innovations in recent years is voice recognition within gaming platforms and games. This adds a whole new level of immersion and allows players to activate certain commands and actions, with their voice alone. It also helps make the gaming community and experience a lot more accessible to those with certain impairments or disabilities, so it’s a hugely useful innovation that continues to be improved upon.

Thanks to Anthony Quint, Get on Stream!

#21- Digital cameras

Photo Credit: Abe Breuer

These cameras altered the way I store and share my memories as well as how I perceive the lives of my loved ones, friends, and total strangers. The only digital camera I've used in the past 15 months or so is the one on my iPhone, even though more of my friends than ever before are carrying expensive digital SLRs. The other day, several of us in the photo commented on how long it had been since we had used an old-fashioned camera when someone snapped a group photo with a point-and-shoot digital camera.

Thanks to Abe Breuer, VIP To Go!

#22- Automation

Photo Credit: Jamie Penney

Automation has been a lifesaver for us since we included it in our company’s practices. It allows us to speed up the time spent doing tasks but also increases our efficiency while at it. This saves us so much time because most tasks are performed via automation. This way, we can focus on other areas that need more attention. It has also resulted in the company’s productivity levels growing, bringing huge investments and greater profits. So, there’s no question that automation is my favorite technology innovation.

Thanks to Jamie Penney, TheBackyardPros!

#23- Energy producing roads

Photo Credit: Paul Mallory

Roads are now working as solar panels and producing electricity for street lights, households, and even cars. This bold vision was led by Solaroad to build the first-ever energy-generating bike path. Their main technological obstacle was the top layer of the road: it had to let as much sunlight in as possible while remaining strong and damage resistant. It lets you build 10m² of SolaRoad, which produces more than enough electricity to cover the yearly electricity requirements of an average household.


Thanks to Paul Mallory, ConsumerGravity!

#24- Social Listening

Photo Credit: Shaun Connell

We're living in the age of social media, and it's one of the best things to happen to businesses. My favorite tech innovation is social listening. In this day and age, knowing who's saying what about you is vital. Social listening tools have made it much easier for us. Consumers are using social media platforms to research and discuss brands and products. And we need to know what they're saying about our products. With these tools, we've been able to track our audience and generate high-quality social proof for our marketing.

Thanks to Shaun Connell, WritingTips!

#25- Automatic anxiety relief system for pets

Photo Credit: Steve Harris

As a founder of Daily Dog Stuff, one of my favorite technology innovations is an Automatic anxiety relief system for pets. Parenting an anxious pet is not an easy task it is not just a walk to a park. Earlier, there were not many anxiety tools available for the pet. But there are various tools available in the market now as it innovated. With the touch against your pet's coat, the instrument produces a sequence of sounds and vibrations, and with the use of Neurosonic technology gives pets relief from anxiety.

Thanks to Steve Harris, Daily Dog Stuff!

#26- Face recognition

Photo Credit: Eleanor Fletcher

Facial recognition is now incorporated into phones, security cameras, and advertising campaigns. Cameras connected to facial recognition databases aid in the tracking of illegal goods and services, but businesses are only recently beginning to take the marketing potential into account. Facial recognition technology may scan you as you enter a store to generate customized product recommendations and keep track of your purchases. Real-time alerts are also provided by more advanced technologies.

Thanks to Eleanor Fletcher, The Best Brisbane!

#27- Chat bots

Photo Credit: Min Tom

As a useful tool for communication across a wide range of industries and user groups, chatbots are gaining popularity. Because of their quick response times and availability around the clock, chatbots can also increase sales. Long on-hold times might make customers lose interest in the purchase because they detest waiting. Because chatbots respond quickly, customers are engaged and engaged throughout their customer journey. Bots give you another way to communicate with your customers.

Thanks to Min Tom, Happy Hong Konger!

#28- Data security advancement

Photo Credit: Jack Williams

Every company must prioritize data security because it will have a significant impact on its bottom line. This is especially true for companies that lack the tools and expertise necessary to deal with a data breach. There will be increased pressure on IoT (Internet of Things) vendors to incorporate security and robust authentication into their products as the need to manage and safeguard these devices grows. As more businesses and consumers adopt IoT, work on security standards will also need to continue.

Thanks to Jack Williams, Handyman Reviewed!

#29- Collaboration technology

Photo Credit: Stefan Grasic

I honestly would not have my business if collaboration technology did not exist. Simply having Zoom, Slack, as well as the vast cloud-collaboration systems such as G Suite or any other cloud system, is so ideal for a global business. I used these systems to communicate clearly with those in the UAE as well as globally, this means our business can cross borders in a way that wasn’t possible before. Not only can we communicate well with various clients and investors, but also with our hard working staff.

Thanks to Stefan Grasic, Business24-7!

#30- Screen less displays

Photo Credit: Kapil Panchal

Screen less displays have been the top favorite technology innovation for us. The reason behind this is that it allows us to present information without the need for a screen, which is very useful during team meetings. When it comes to the benefits of screen less displays, it uses less power and provides a broader angle view for easier working. This technology has gone a long way in the last 3 years and is projected to make considerable progress in the next years.

Thanks to Kapil Panchal, iFour Technolab!

What has been your favorite technology innovation? Tell us in the comments below. Don’t forget to join our #IamCEO Community.

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