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Interview with Anthony Wile: Canadian Entrepreneur Cultivates Colombian Cannabis

While dual citizenship is becoming increasingly common in our global society, not many people have homes in Canada and Colombia. Anthony Wile—the CEO, director and co-founder of PharmaCielo Ltd. —became a citizen of Colombia in August 2018 by decree of President Juan Manuel Santos, yet maintains his Canadian citizenship. He is a resident of both Toronto and Medellín and is ...

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Glen McKay: From Newfoundland Fishing Boat Deckhand to Mining CEO

Newfoundland’s Glen McKay has had a long and successful career in several industries, including construction, finance and mining. He incorporated his own business, MRO Supplies Ltd. In 1978 and spin off Newfoundland Hard-Rok Inc., in 1987. Newfoundland Hard Rok Inc. has had years of success in the mining, quarry and construction industries, as well as entering into long term contracts ...

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Vancouver Digital Security Expert Thierry LeVasseur Reinforces Security Importance Among Today’s CEO’s

For Vancouver’s Thierry LeVasseur, managing communication systems that deal with extranets, intranets multi-channel systems make him “tick.” A 25-year veteran of the cyber security industry, Levasseur is a pioneer in the world of digital technology and email security. Starting his career as a tech entrepreneur, Thierry LeVasseur developed corporate intranet programs and websites for internal company use and eventually began ...

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An Interview with Toronto’s Len Wong, Founder of The Grow Depot

Len Wong is a Toronto business leader with over 16 years of experience in the areas of genetic research, organic gardening and the development of marijuana for medical purposes. Len began his education in the area of medical cannabis by consulting under Health Canada’s Marijuana Access Regulations (MMAR).  More recently, he serves as a consultant for the Access to Cannabis ...

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Skills Every Entrepreneur Must Have [Sponsored Post]

It takes many things to be a successful entrepreneur. Some of these things, like luck or good connections, you can’t always control. However, you can control your skill set. Having the right skills is essential to providing the best foundation you need to start a business. While there are many helpful skills, here’s a look at the top four skills ...

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