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Monday Motivation – Everybody Wants to be a Beast

There are many parallels between running a business and being a great athlete. This video should prepare you for the week. You will not outwork me! Be phenomenal or be forgotten!   

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22 Entrepreneurs Explain How They Came Up With Their Business Name

What’s in a name? Would a rose called by any other name sell just as well? Coming up with a name for your business is just as important as the business idea itself. A name not only identifies you, but it can also serve to set you apart from your competitors and reflect your values. We asked some CEOs, Entrepreneurs, ...

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Monday Motivation: Hustle & Hunger

These videos are for entrepreneurs, startups and business owners to start their week off on the right foot. If there’s one word that you should know, it is hustle.

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Morning Motivation: Circumstances

This motivational video is for entrepreneurs, startups and business owners to start their week off on the right foot.

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9 Entrepreneurs Explain Their Biggest Accomplishments in 2015

Owning and running a business is tough. There are many ups and even more downs. It’s always good to take some time when there are “wins” to celebrate them so we decided to ask some entrepreneurs for some of their biggest accomplishments this year. 1) Shark Attack After four tumultuous years of building my startup with the wrong partners, lots ...

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Monday Morning Motivation: Mad as Hell

Sometimes being nice and kind can take you only so far. This motivational video is for entrepreneurs and business owners to light a fire under you to start demanding excellence and greatness.

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Entrepreneur with Humble Beginning Continues to Prove Millennial Stereotype Wrong

Being a young entrepreneur, sooner or later there will be a large hurdle to climb over. There will be people suggesting you turn back immediately and some shaking their heads before you even come in the door. SHOLDIT founder Angela Lee hit the pavement and proved many wrong by getting her business off the ground with hard work and finding ...

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22 Entrepreneurs Share Their Favorite Business Quotes

André Gide wrote that,”Everything that needs to be said has already been said. But since no one was listening, everything must be said again.” Quotes are an important part of motivation, though many of them are repeats of another turn of phrase. Business owners are particularly partial to famous quotations. Reading a motivational speech from a business legend or famous ...

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Entrepreneur Helps Children Suffering from Cancer Feel Fashionable

Inspiration comes in many different forms. It can spark from a song on the radio, a movie, or even everyday life. For entrepreneurs, that moment of inspiration can lead to building a brand new organization. An internship prompted Jessica Ekstrom to create Headbands for Hope – an organization dedicated to helping children suffering from childhood cancer. We had the amazing opportunity ...

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Monday Motivation: Mindshift [VIDEO]

This motivational video is for entrepreneurs, startups and business owners. Don’t hold back shift your mind and make a change.

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