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Morning Motivation: Chase Your Dreams

This motivational video is for entrepreneurs, startups and business owners to start their week off on the right foot. Often entrepreneurs are the dreamers and those that do things in a different way. They follow their dreams and go after them. Although the road is not always perfect and filled with sunshine and rainbows, entrepreneurs are the risk takers that ...

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Morning Motivation: Positive vs. Negative Mindset [VIDEO]

In life and especially in business, there are things that happen. We, depending on our mindset, attribute it to be positive or negative. Often in the short-term we will see something that occurs as negative when in fact it ends up being positive. It might be losing a client that you “needed” or couldn’t succeed without but when that client ...

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Morning Motivation: Chicken Man [VIDEO]

This video “Chicken Man” is entrepreneurs, startups and business owners. Often times, we have a similar story to Chicken Man in our life where we are faced with obstacles or life’s challenges and we find ourselves stuck in our rut and we can’t get past it. Chicken Man couldn’t get past the experience that happened in his life and even though it was ...

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Entrepreneur Inspires Women To Take Charge of Their Bodies

A fearless, female entrepreneur decides to take on a taboo subject and help women around the world feel a fresher sense of self. Stacy Lyon is the founder of Healthy HooHoo Why Did You Start Your Business? I had that crazy light bulb moment you hear about but doubt exists.  I was standing in the Whole Body department of Whole Foods ...

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How to Think like a Top Woman CEO and Turn Your Brand into a Multi-Million Dollar Business

Connie Tang, President and CEO of Princess House, shares her story of entrepreneurial spirit and how female business owners can succeed. Tell Us About Your Background I was born in Hong Kong and raised in Brooklyn, New York. My family spoke Chinese at home so I am fluent in Chinese as well as English and Spanish. I started my career as an ...

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Monday Morning Motivation: You Are the Trigger!

This motivational video is for entrepreneurs, startups and business owners to start the weekend off on the right foot. This video from Muscle Prodigy TV is a perfect reminder that we are the catalyst of our lives and our businesses. We are in more control than we give ourselves credit for and once we realize that we are very powerful.

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Successful Merchandise Retailer Shows What a Strong Work Ethic Can Accomplish

Tell us about your business and what makes it unique. Merchandize Liquidators was established in 2004 with the idea of taking unwanted liquidation merchandise from large retailers and bring it back to the secondary market bellow wholesale prices. Merchandize Liquidators supplies name brand clothing, cosmetics, shoes, tools, toys, general merchandise, health and beauty, groceries, electronics, jewelry and other consumer products ...

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Monday Morning Motivation: If You Die Tomorrow [VIDEO]

This Monday Morning Motivation for entrepreneurs and business owners motivates entrepreneurs to look backwards when they are looking at their life. When you operate with the consciousness that we all have a limited amount of time, it becomes empowering. It makes you make decisions based on your legacy and you make these business decisions beyond “today” but instead operate at ...

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Monday Morning Motivation: Would You Follow You?

This motivational video for entrepreneurs, startups and business owners puts it all in perspective. Look at yourself as a 3rd person and ask yourself. Would you follow you? 

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Monday Morning Motivation: San Antonio Spurs Edition

Yesterday, the San Antonio Spurs defeated the Miami Heat to win the NBA Championship this year. This was a year after the San Antonio Spurs experienced one of the most bitter defeats in NBA Finals history. Last year they were literally seconds away from winning a championship so they took that pain and that “low” feeling and harnessed it to ...

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