Ducks, Ducks and More Ducks!

Correction: Craig Wolf’s response to the question “What is the most exciting thing about being an entrepreneur?” was incorrect. We have corrected the mistake and apologize any confusion. Also, Wolf started the company Name that Toon prior to starting CelebiDucks. Did you know… …ducks have three eyelids? …some ducks can fly approximately 332 miles a day? …ducks have waterproof feathers? …that ...

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What If Captain Planet Was An Entrepreneur?

$3,000.00? $2.00? $400.00? $0.50? Across the world entrepreneurs are trying to determine the perfect price-point for their goods and services. They want to determine prices that are just right hoping not to curtail demand and simultaneously generate profits. Well, entrepreneur Eric Bae throws a monkey wrench into everything you learned in your Econ 101 course with his latest startup—Freally (Free, ...

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From WOE to Word Of Encouragement

Find something you love to do so when times are tough you will stick it out. Successful entrepreneurs have the 3 P’s: Purpose, Passion and Perseverance. In difficult days and hard economic times sometimes people just search for some positivity in their lives.  Derrick Hayes understands that there has never been a better time to offer that positivity through his ...

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Yhtack In Stitches: Creativity From The Name To The Product

My advice to entrepreneurs would be to never give up.  I think it is important to have a passion about what you are doing, how you do it and be able to target your customers and provide a level of service and product that is different and unique. While people scramble to find unique and special gifts for holidays and ...

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Eric Sedransk Offers Groupon-Like Deals for Golfers

I know it sounds cliché but when you do something you love, it’s not a job anymore; it becomes part of who you are. You don’t wake up saying, ‘I have to do work’; instead you gravitate to it. I hope my story acts as a catalyst for others to follow their dreams and start their own company. had ...

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The Social Network Movie

If you haven’t seen this movie, go see it.  Here are 6 quick lessons from the movie: Don’t be so quick to monetize.  Think long term about your venture. Many have a great idea, but few will execute it.  In history, Zuckerberg will be remembered not those who had the idea “first”. Stay true to your vision. Understand and remember ...

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The Business of Happiness

“The happiest and most successful people I know have in common with one another not just an ability to function with multiple communities, but a real desire to do so.” Ted Leonsis’ book The Business of Happiness takes an entrepreneurial look on the concept of happiness.  Imagine a business plan for happiness. Grab the book, but here are the 6 ...

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Don’t Throw Away That Penny!

You’ve heard Benjamin Franklin’s saying “A penny saved is a penny earned.” Well Jeffrey Byer might have another saying “A penny saved is a necklace.” The economy is putting families into a real bind.  More and more people are forced to find more creative ways to support their families.  Entrepreneurs aren’t different.  They must find a way to stretch the ...

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