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Kris Thorkelson: Innovating In One Industry at a Time [Sponsored Post]

Entrepreneurs often find themselves rooted in one industry or another, finding something that works and sticking to it. Kris Thorkelson defies this principle, having experienced a number of successes during his 20+ year entrepreneurial career. Kris began his career in the pharmaceutical industry, opening a chain of four pharmacies in his native Winnipeg, Manitoba, as well as two medical clinics ...

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Entrepreneur Connecting People Through Power of Data and Analytics

The taxi service business is getting more innovative with the entrance of companies like Uber and Roadie. Marc Gorlin, the founder and CEO of Roadie,  provides an on-the-way delivery network that taps into unused space in passenger vehicles already on the road, providing retailers with a cost-effective delivery service that increases sales and exceeds customer expectations. We had a chance ...

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How One Entrepreneur is Helping International Students Find Housing With Ease

Finding a house in a foreign land can be hectic. Housing Anywhere was founded by a student, Niels, from the Rotterdam School of Management (RSM) Erasmus University, the Netherlands in 2009. Niels wanted to go on an exchange semester to Singapore, but he ran into a problem: what to do with his own student room in Rotterdam during that semester? None ...

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