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South Africa-Native Transforms Business to Fill a Gap in the Market

Image Credit: Neil Gross

Share You never end up where you thought you would. It’s a running theme with business owners and entrepreneurs. You may start out with the intention to create one thing, but soon enough you realize that you’re on a completely different path. South Africa-native Neil Gross, founder of Chef Works, filling a gap in the market led him down a ...

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Business Helps Entrepreneurs Get Access to Funds Faster

Image Credit: Eyal Shinar

In the world of small businesses, keeping track of your finances is top priority. Anything which makes the job easier is a great help to entrepreneurs and business owners alike. Eyal Shinar, CEO of Fundbox, helps entrepreneurs get access to their funds prior to invoice net terms. We sat down with Eyal to learn more about Fundbox, his background, and ...

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Historic Neighborhood Helps Bolster Business in San Diego

Image Credit: Little Italy

America is often referred to as the melting pot. People from all over the world settle here and build communities, relationships, and, perhaps most importantly, businesses. Throughout the country there are communities which reflect the passion of those immigrants. In San Diego a community called Little Italy has remained a base for several generations of Italian business owners. Heapreneur sat ...

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Entrepreneurs Create Boots for Thursday and Beyond

Image Credit: Nolan Walsh and Connor Wilson

Being an entrepreneur and business owner is all about digging your boots in and getting the job done. For Nolan Walsh and Connor Wilson, creating the right boot for that job was what they wanted to do. As co-founders of Thursday Boot Company, Nolan and Connor aim to make the best boots possible at a fair price. We had the ...

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Mobile Entrepreneur Puts a New Spin on Delivery

Image Credit: Devaraj Southworth

There is a shift happening in how people get their goods. Amazon delivers fresh product, Wal-Mart ships groceries to your door, and Barkbox sends your dog something special each month. It’s instant access to the things you want, without the chore of getting out and hunting it down. Devaraj Southworth, CEO of Thirstie, takes home delivery to a fun new ...

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Entrepreneur Helps Children Suffering from Cancer Feel Fashionable

Image Credit: Jessica Ekstrom

Inspiration comes in many different forms. It can spark from a song on the radio, a movie, or even everyday life. For entrepreneurs, that moment of inspiration can lead to building a brand new organization. An internship prompted Jessica Ekstrom to create Headbands for Hope – an organization dedicated to helping children suffering from childhood cancer. We had the amazing opportunity ...

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Entrepreneur Creates Online Marketplace for Voice Talent

Image Credit: David Ciccarelli

Life changes fast. What worked for your business at one point in time may not work so well a few years down the road, especially after important changes. David Ciccarelli realized that his business needed to change both for his customers and his family. Voices.com was born from this need. We sat down with David to learn about what Voices.com ...

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App Developer Helps Aspiring Creators Connect

Image Credit: Bernat Guitart

Developing an app can be a tedious task for many people. If you aren’t connected, going it alone may leave you in the dust as far as building a functional app is concerned. Bernat Guitart, CEO of AppFutura, helps developers in this process. AppFutura was created to help connect developers and designers with the best professionals in their specific area. We sat ...

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CEO Helps Students Reach Their Academic Goals

Image Credit: Karim Abouelnaga

School can be a struggle for many students. Finding yourself or your child unable to engage in the classroom can lead to issues later in their academic career – such as graduating from high school. As the CEO of Practice Makes Perfect, Karim Abouelnaga, has made it his goal to make sure students achieve success at all stages of their early ...

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Fashionable Entrepreneur Takes Pride in Products Being Made in the USA

Image Credit: Olivia Fabian

Olivia Fabian is the owner of OFabz Swimwear, manufacturer of cutie, retro swimwear sold at boutiques across the U.S., Australia, and Western Europe.  This company, formed in 2010, is committed to its “made in the USA” label and designs and manufactures its swimwear lines from its Fort Wayne headquarters. We sat down with Olivia to find out more information about her business and ...

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