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Entrepreneur Inspires Women To Take Charge of Their Bodies

Image Credit: Healthy HooHoo

A fearless, female entrepreneur decides to take on a taboo subject and help women around the world feel a fresher sense of self. Stacy Lyon is the founder of Healthy HooHoo Why Did You Start Your Business? I had that crazy light bulb moment you hear about but doubt exists.  I was standing in the Whole Body department of Whole Foods ...

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Model Geek: Cover Girl Leaves High Fashion World for SF Start-up Life

Image Credit: Connie Tang

Connie Tang, President and CEO of Princess House, shares her story of entrepreneurial spirit and how female business owners can succeed. Tell Us About Your Background I was born in Hong Kong and raised in Brooklyn, New York. My family spoke Chinese at home so I am fluent in Chinese as well as English and Spanish. I started my career as an ...

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Entrepreneur Turns Life Saving Company Into a Unique Organization

Image Credit: Eric Lupton

Business owner Eric Lupton shares his insight into how his business serves a unique purpose. What is your experience and how has that helped you out with your business? My parents founded Life Saver in 1987, when I was five, and I started working in the office in the summertime around the age of 15. I started my professional career doing copywriting ...

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Successful Merchandise Retailer Shows What a Strong Work Ethic Can Accomplish

Image Credit: INC

Tell us about your business and what makes it unique. Merchandize Liquidators was established in 2004 with the idea of taking unwanted liquidation merchandise from large retailers and bring it back to the secondary market bellow wholesale prices. Merchandize Liquidators supplies name brand clothing, cosmetics, shoes, tools, toys, general merchandise, health and beauty, groceries, electronics, jewelry and other consumer products ...

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Who Are Your Favorite Game Changers In History?

27875169_m (1)

Game changers are those who appear in history books as having not only stepped outside the box but took it a step further and blew the entire side of the box out. They are the business minds, owner, and entrepreneurs who inspire an entire population and country. When asked your greatest driving force it might be the name of a ...

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Entrepreneur Creates Mobile Apps to Help Students Dominate Standardized Tests

Image Credit: Freedigitalphotos.net

Standardized tests can always be a headache. Whether it is a MBA, the GMAT or GRE, the sight of those stardardized tests is usually an eyesore. For entrepreneur like Bhavin Parikh, the CEO and founder of Magoosh, these tests were an opportunity to start his business. Hearpreneur interviewed Bhavin to speak about his business, future plans, and why Berkely is ...

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Restaurateur Pleases All Palates

Image Credit: Scrub Oaks Facebook Page

The restaurant business can be a tough one indeed. With so many palates to please, how do you cultivate an atmosphere that comes out on top across all types of foodies? We spoke with Gwen Holtsclaw,  a partner of ScrubOaks; a contemporary restaurant with an upscale menu. This is what she had to say. Why did you start your business? ...

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Who Is Donald Sterling the Entrepreneur?

Image credit: TMZ

TMZ made waves when they released an audio clip with Donald Sterling making racist remarks in a conversation with his then girlfriend/mistress V. Stiviano about posting a picture with Magic Johnson on her Instagram account.  As a result there was much backlash from current and former NBA players including entrepreneurs and business moguls Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson. .@cjbycookie and I will ...

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Fitness Guru Shares Secrets For Starting and Growing a Successful Business


Today, there are more female entrepreneurs in this country than ever before; and that trend is expected to continue to rise. At the forefront of this new wave of female entrepreneurship is working mothers, like fitness guru Lisa Corsello. We sat down with Lisa to discuss entrepreneurship, balancing family life, and emerging market trends.   What’s your background and how has ...

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Entrepreneur Develops A Way to Help Parents Find Their Lost Children

Image Credit: kidsports GPS Indiegogo Campaign

A big fear for parents is losing their children. Enter in kidsports GPS, a sports band that allows parents to locate their children on their cell phone, iPad or computer. Hearpreneur spoke with Brian Sullivan, the Founder and CEO of kidsport GPS about his business, tips for entrepreneurs and business owners and alternative funding. Tell us about kidsport GPS. Why ...

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