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RESONATE: Present Visual Stories That Transform Audiences


Title: RESONATE: Present Visual Stories That Transform Audiences
Author: Nancy Duarte

This book goes into great detail on how to do business presentations and how to be powerful and succinct without the necessity of a PR company or professional assistance. It goes to great depth with a myriad of different examples on how to not only design the visual aspect of a presentation but how to relay the information using facts and emotion to create a story and relay it to your audience. It uses great diagrams and wheels to show you how to set up a performance from beginning to the plot, the climax, and then the resolution. It is an excellent tool if you are in any field that calls for frequent or occasional presentations to disseminate facts or figures, especially in a business environment.

This review is courtesy of Stephen Mbugua is an entrepreneur, business man and contributing writer at Hearpreneur.com. He is an avid reader of business books and news related to business topics ranging across various topics. He is currently studying at Virginia Commonwealth University.

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