Why Did You Start Your Business? HEAR from 5 Entrepreneurs

For individual that constantly view financial statements or business plans each business looks eerily the similar. Even sometimes the brands, logos and names make consumers scream for the days of uniqueness. Peeling back the skin of business, it is often the entrepreneur and business owner that makes a business unique. Each and every business has an entrepreneur and unique story for launching his or her business, and it is that story which make each business special. went in its vaults and found 5 interesting and motivating stories of entrepreneurs:

Becoming the Go-To for Photography

“I started my photography blog, because when I bought my first DSLR camera, I couldn’t find a resource that explained how to use it and digital photography to me in terms that I could understand. The books I bought and sites I found seemed to expect me to have a working knowledge of my camera and to be familiar with the terms. I wasn’t. I’m not a moron, but even the Photography for Dummies book didn’t help. Once I learned how to use my camera, I decided to become that resource for new DSLR camera owners.”

Kimberly Gauthier, founder of Through the Lens of Kimberly Gauthier!

A Mother & Son Bonding Ignites the Entrepreneurial Spirit

“When my son was 18 months old, I was excited to teach the alphabet, teach numbers, teach shapes & teach colors – the basic building blocks of learning! After searching several stores for an all-in-one kit, I settled for buying individual pieces at various teaching supply stores in my area. I filled a box with mismatched flashcards, kindergarten charts, books and puzzles, and called it ‘Mama’s School’. My son and I sat down with ‘Mama’s School’ almost every day for about 20 minutes. By the time he was three-years old, he could read. Parents at nursery school and playgroups began to ask how I had taught him. At this point, I knew I had a viable idea for a business!”

Christy Cook, founder of Teach My!

Creating A Place for a Cause

“When my only son was diagnosed with Autism (my hardship) at age three, I made a commitment to myself and my son to raise awareness of this condition. As former marketer, my first thought was to develop and sell a product from which a percentage of the proceeds would be donated to Autism related organizations. It was while researching this concept that I realized that I was not alone in my quest to develop a product with a “for a cause” purpose. I found that there are thousands of charities selling cause-related products as a means of fundraising that are struggling to be noticed. It was this realization that led me to create for a greater good.”

Filomena Laforgia founder of Filanthropists!

Southern Hospitality Comes to the Kitchen

“I started off all wide eyed and motivated to rise the ranks in the corporate world when I graduated from college with a degree in finance. Then I actually got to Wall St. and realized how quickly it can drain your soul and your patience. Needless to say, when the company began offering buyouts because of the financial crisis – I took it and ran. All the way home to Ohio. I always loved to cook, and I especially always loved good southern cooking and barbecue. I came to the realization that a lot of home cooks don’t attempt to barbecue because it seems so daunting, messy, and expensive to mess up. So, I opened up Pig of the Month BBQ to sell homemade barbecue meats, sauces, and southern favorite side dishes and ship them right to people’s homes. They’re frozen and ready to reheat in an hour or less. Everyone should have good cooking!”

Lea Richards, founder of Pig of the Month BBQ!

Finding Your Match across the Nation

“In 2007 I’d moved from San Francisco to Miami Beach. I went to the Flamingo Tennis Center looking to play tennis. I asked how I could find people to play with. They said they had a tennis ladder (challenge system), which cost $20. I paid and asked for printout of the players. They didn’t have printouts or a website. Instead, I was pointed to a bunch of magnets with people names and numbers on the side wall. Next, I had the pleasure of writing them all down by hand and then for extra fun calling people, leaving messages and playing phone tag, only to find out half of them had already left Miami. I thought about making a website, where players could interact with each other and update their status. Not just for the Flamingo Tennis Center, but for every tennis court. Then I called a few friends and we had a team working on the site. In August 2010 we launched – Tennis Round – a website that connects tennis players and helps them find tennis courts anywhere in the United States, in over 4,200 cities. 2,000 players from 600 cities have registered and exchanged nearly 3,800 match scheduling messages. I’ve played about 16 new players through Tennis Round in Seattle and my brother Martin has played as many in San Francisco. When I travel, I ping players in that city. When I get a new match invite, it comes in my Gmail and I can respond to it from my phone.”

Alex Marinov, Tennis Round!


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