Why Do You Love Your Business?

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Being in love is great. Being in love with your business, when you’re an entrepreneur, is even better. Waking up each morning knowing you are getting to do exactly what you love is more than most people could ever say about any job they have had. Although there are days when tossing in your hat seems like a viable option, remembering how much you love your job can quickly snap an entrepreneur out of that mentality. Different business owners also have different reason why they love their business. It might be the products or the customers they deal with, or it could even be the fact that they are the ones in charge of it all. The reasons are as varied as the businesses themselves.

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Because I’m passionate about helping others

I love my business because I am passionate about helping others. I know a lot of people in this country suffer from arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome and I wanted to create a product that made their lives easier. As such, I came up with the Brolly umbrella, which features a unique finger hole grip that makes holding an umbrella comfortable and secure. It’s amazing to see someone’s face light up that suffers from arthritis when you hand them a simple product that makes their life easier.

Thanks to Greg Edson, Brollytime

I get to make people cry – in a good way

Why I love my photo digitization E-Commerce business is I make people cry – in a good way. Beyond my passion for helping preserve generations of photos, the legacy as customers worldwide share the precious moments, spanning generations as they revisit newly digitized pictures is magical. The emotions generated as we digitize hundreds of millions of analog photos to DVDs is why I love The money is great too, but the satisfaction from bringing smiles and oftentimes, tears as people revisit long lost relatives and special experiences is the reason why I have been in the photo imaging industry since 1990.

Thanks to Mitch Goldstone,

It gives me the freedom to work where and when I want to

I love my business because it gives me freedom to work where I want, when I want, how I want and with whom I want. I started this company about 3 years ago (working on it full-time and supporting me for 1 year) that works with experts to create a business from their knowledge. I did this using my knowledge and experience in business, marketing and technology that I gained managing large programs in the corporate world for 15 years. Because I’ve positioned myself well, my consulting fees are high and I can complete my consulting obligations comfortably in about 8 hours a week. With that income, I easily support myself. I spend the rest of my time (generally another 20-30 hours) working on expanding the revenue streams of my business, but financially, I don’t need to work beyond the 8 hours. Today it was nice out, so I walked to a nearby restaurant and had lunch and a glass of wine on the patio!

Thanks to Jeff Steinmann, Braveau Experts

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Because I’m going to change the world

I’m 37 and we’re having some of the same political debates today that I remember having when I was 7 years old. It doesn’t seem like anything has changed at all. So I decided to bypass the politicians and take the education directly to the people. I developed our cell phone app so people can make their opinion known to business owners, keep people safe and out of high-crime areas, stop unintentional crime, and educate people on the *real-life* impact their political choices have.

Thanks to John Peden, Gun Free Zone App

Because it’s a win-win situation

I love my company, Textbroker, because it’s a win-win-win situation! Up and coming writers can work from home, earning money while balancing their other obligations. Clients receive written copy that exactly matches their needs at a competitive price. Our employees use their English and writing degrees in a business setting, leading to a growing company.

Thanks to Christina Zila, Textbroker International

Getting to watch a business take shape from thin air

This is the second business I have founded and I love this one as much as the first. It’s all about watching a business take shape from thin air (and a strong business plan). It’s exciting. Similar to playing a video game. Each day you get a step further and even though it can be fraught with frustrations also, it is fulfilling. This business,, is extremely fulfilling as we offer business owners affordable, pre-priced marketing and writing services complete with style and strategy. What’s not to love? Helping small business owners grow, stabilize and succeed has always been a focus for us.

Thanks to Sandra Faleris,


Being my boss

During my decades in the corporate environment I endured having to fix messes caused by poor management decisions, 2 hour commutes to work, unpaid overtime and the absence of compliments. Then came layoffs where employees were replaced by offshore consultants. My business,, is dedicated to saving my customers money on ink and toner. I get emails and calls of appreciation daily. I chat with interesting people all across the continent. The commute to my home office is occasionally delayed by a few seconds if the laundry is piled on the stairs. Overtime is when I want it and I am always compensated. I am not about to lay myself off anytime soon. There is still the rare poor management decision but I can usually talk myself out of it.

Thanks to Izzy Goodman,


Getting to be on the cutting edge of an exciting revolution

I love my business because we are on the cutting edge of one of the most exciting revolutions of the Internet. A Top Level Domain is the text to the right of the final dot in a domain name. For example, .com is the most popular Top Level Domain today. will help our customers get the domain names that they want in new Top Level Domains such as .SHOP, .WEB, .SITE, .BUZZ and .NEWS

Thanks to Mary Iqbal, Get New TLDs Inc.

Getting to be fulfilled

As a doctor of clinical psychology and therapeutic hypnotist, as well as an author, speaker and frequent media guest expert, I absolutely love my job. I get to help people attain their goals, their dreams, and watch them grow. One of my areas of specialty is sexual abuse recovery and prevention, where I treat victims as well as the perpetrators. It is my belief that the best way to help victims is to help the abusers. Perhaps my fulfillment is so sweet because I was unfulfilled before. A former stand-up comedian, I made a career transition in midlife after I fell in love with my community volunteer work at a shelter for sexually abused teens. I always say that “The road from comedy to mental health is very short.

Thanks to Nancy B. Irwin, PsyD, C.Ht.

Because it has allowed me to put my family first

I love my business because it has allowed me to put my family first, have meaningful work with substantial income opportunities and flexible hours, and help other women do the same — while also providing a service that helps businesses increase profit and productivity. We help individuals and organizations create a “productive environment” — an intentional setting in which everyone can accomplish their work and enjoy their lives by teaching principles and developing systems for managing time, space, and information. Research shows that 80% of what we keep we never use, and the more we keep the less we use, so we help clients reduce the amount of physical, digital, and emotional clutter that prevents them from accomplishing their work and enjoying their lives. Every client and every organization with whom I have worked is different, and I’ve heard wonderful stories about how the work we did together saved their job, their marriage — even their life. In addition, I have the honor of working with other women entrepreneurs who are often far more talented and intelligent than I am, but by putting their experience and skills with my experience skills, we both have something greater than we had without each other. Together we are better!

Thanks to Barbara Hemphill, Productive Environment Institute

No boss to worry about

I love my business because I don’t have to worry about an incompetent, narcissistic boss with no people or management skills telling me what to do. I can take the cases I want to take and fire clients I don’t like. Plus, favorable tax laws mean I can make more money than a salaried employee while running most of my expenses (phone, insurance), through the business.

Thanks to Shane Fischer, Fischer Law

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Because it’s everything I am

I own Ambition Coffee & Eatery and I love my business because it is everything I am. I get to share who I am with everyone who enters. I love food, music and Hollywood and I’ve invited all of that into my restaurant. I get to create delicious foods. Music is all around me whether on the iPod, a local band playing in my restaurant or KD Lang coming in for espresso. Then there’s my attraction to Hollywood and I was hired to feed Bradley Cooper, Ryan Gosling, George Hamilton, Barbara Eden and many more Hollywood icons. Welcome to my world and welcome to my Ambition! There’s no greater feeling than to be able to live your dream!

Thanks to Marc Renson, Ambition Coffee & Eatery

Because I get people outdoors

The smell of campfire; the breeze of crisp mountain air, skipping rocks in the lake with the kids… these are the emotions we strive to capture with our products and lifestyle tips at Grasshaven Outdoor (and all the emotions I love). And getting the family outdoors (especially the reluctant moms) is what we are all about. This is what I love about my company and what motivates me to work tirelessly as an entrepreneur (and mom). Your request is what we love about our companies? I love the fact that I get to marry my passion for creating a home with my love for entertaining and the ability to bring all that outdoors. This is pivotal to my company Grasshaven Outdoor. We are the first stylish camping equipment company focused on getting the entire family outdoors together. Aspirationally we are striving to be the “Pottery Barn” of camping and we’re focused on emotionally driven and packaged product collections supplemented with amazing gourmet camping tips and recipes.

Thanks to Dawn Bitz, Grasshaven Outdoor

Challenges, my team and freedom

There are many types of people in the world, but for me I require relentless challenges.  Everyday there are problems to address, victories to be proud of and mundane is not part of the equation.   My team consists of dedicated talented people that insure I look good in the eyes of my customers.  As an inventor of sorts, I throw projects to my engineering group such as my TV set, which with a touch of a remote control will automatically go through a trap door in my floor to the first level and swivel 360 for viewing at any direction..  Didn’t really need it, but it’s a great conversational piece to my friends and visiting customers.  Freedom is another need in my life.  I’m a night owl, so since my business is in China, it works out great so I can come in late if I want, and stay late as needed to communicate with North American customers as their day starts up. A successful businessman once told me his secret of success was that he hired people smarter than himself.  That’s what I do and it sure works well for me, as I really love my business, my staff and life! Oh, and did I mention exotic travel all over the world to visit customers!

Thanks to Randy Williams, Sino Sales & Support, Ltd.

Because we offer truly healthy and nutritious Dog Treat for dogs and their owners

With all the dog treat and dog food recalls lately. I am extremely glad to offer a treat that is not only nutritious but also healthy. We make it with all organic ingredients and real human grade organic meats. There are many treats that are made in China or with bi-products and low quality ingredients. I am firm believer that there is a direct correlation to the high rate of dog cancer and the poor quality food that we feed them. We wanted to offer a high quality treat that you can feel good about giving your dog. We make it and pack it all at our upstate NY facility. We are proud to offer Dogstars to the public and are sure your dog will love them.

Thanks to Queny Villanueva, Savvy Beast Treats

Because it’s my passion

I love my business because it’s my passion, it’s the thing I would love to do if it was not my business. I can’t wait to wake up and get started most every day. That sure makes it easy to work the long hours, and trudge through the tough stuff, something every entrepreneur has to do (at least from time to time). My business, PaperCrafter’s Corner, provides information, inspiration and entertainment for a community that is creative, social and fun! Members (one of my customer segments) love to share, inspire and communicate online and in person and they are like a ‘family.’ The suppliers in the industry (another customer segment) are also creative and are always looking for ways to work together. It’s so much fun to brainstorm with them about ways to grow our businesses together. How can you not love a group of people who believe in making the world a better, more colorful and beautiful place, and doing it as a tribe.

Thanks to Stephanie Hackney, PaperCrafter’s Corner

Because it gives me a taste of motherhood

As the owner of a Scottsdale Day spa, I often joke about having 40+ “spa kids” although I have never given birth. I guess I always assumed I would have kids though, apparently, life had other plans. I love my business because it gives me a taste of motherhood. I can imagine how proud moms must feel when I catch my “kids” doing something amazing, which happens almost every day. When an established therapists offers to give one of their appointments to a new team member or a stylist offers a shampoo blow dry to an Aesthetician who is going through trouble at home I get a little glimpse into the upside of motherhood. I might not get a card on Mother’s Day, but I get the pleasure of chocolate dipping strawberries with my team for the moms that come to our spa every year. And I get all of these benefits without stretch marks!

Thanks to Heidi Lamar, Spa Lamar

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Because I get to live and practice what I’m passionate about

I am a very passionate sales professional and selling comes to me naturally.Many businesses do not find it easy to explore all or new sales channels for their products and services on offer. With the service my business provides additional sales channels are provided and opened and local businesses are enabled to grow their bottom line. My customers are able to experience immediate results and that is why I love my business. Instant results for my customers and positive feedback – every single day.

Thanks to Nur Sharina Shariff, In Store Rewards


Because it allows me to make money by giving money away

I love my business because it allows me to make money while giving money away to others. The whole idea of is that customers don’t just renovate their homes, they renovate lives. Due to manufacturer pricing controls, we’re able to charge our customers the lowest prices while still giving 10% of what they spend to others who need help renovating their homes. For me it’s amazing because I get to make money and at the same time help some of the most needy people in the world fix up their homes. I also love that the business allows me to make money while I sleep and while I’m spending time with my wife and son. I love the flexibility that having a business offers.

Thanks to David Mason, Tail of the Lion, Inc.

Love to help people be more spontaneous on their trips

I had been warned about theft in South America before I went on a trip there, so I sewed a pocket in my underwear to keep my passport and credit card in it at all times. A few guys I met whilst traveling found out about it and they started hiding their passports and money in MY underwear, at that point I realized I was onto something. But it was the frustration of having to take turns guarding our stuff on Copacobana beach that ultimately led to me to create Adventure Underwear. I left my career as a Chemist and learned all about fabrics and manufacturing from scratch. I love working on this business, every day I learn something new and in the process I’m helping people travel with peace of mind.

Thanks to Nigel Clifford, Adventure Underwear


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