Monday Motivation: How to Become a Billionaire [VIDEO]

This motivational video is for entrepreneurs, startups and business owners to start their week off on the right foot. Here's 20 things to take from

  1. It all begins with how we choose to think.
  2. If you want lasting change, you have to give up the idea of trying something. You've got to decide you are going to commit to mastery.
  3. If you do what other successful people do, you will eventually get the same result.
  4. Go for what you want. Not what you think is possible.
  5. If you focus on building your skills, your gifts will make room for you.
  6. Progress equals happiness.
  7. Most people are interested but not committed.
  8. Successful people and unsuccessful people. Successful people lunge.
  9. Trade your expectations for appreciation for what you do have.
  10. Most people don't master their minds.
  11. Massive action is the cure all.
  12. Your adversity is your advantage.
  13. Self-discipline comes when you make a decision.
  14. How do you create your life? You get hungry for something.
  15. Wherever focus goes, energy flows.
  16. You must raise your standards.
  17. The road to success is through commitment.
  18. You have to be relentless.
  19. Don't get in line just because other people are.
  20. Commit once and do the thing every single day.

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