5 Entrepreneurs Celebrate Summer Business Accomplishments

Summer is over. While many were going on vacations and traveling, business was still being completed for many entrepreneurs and business owners. The time flew by and as school starts, the weather changes and the temperature drops, we decided to connect with entrepreneurs and business owners to see how their summers went and what were some of their accomplishments. We decided to ask them what their best business accomplishments as we head into the fall:

#1- Got my book published right in time

Photo Credit: Alexis Moore

This summer was very productive I was able to get my book published right in time for the new year Surviving a Cyberstalker: How to Prevent and Survive Cyberabuse and Stalking.

Thanks to Alexis Moore 

#2- Put the finishing touches on my latest book

Photo Credit: Carole Lieberman M.D

This summer, I put the finishing touches on my latest book, LIONS and TIGERS and TERRORISTS, OH MY! How to Protect Your Child in a Time of Terror, so that it is ready for launch in time for this year’s anniversary of 9/11. It is the first book about terrorism for kids. I organized upcoming launches at the NYC Fire Museum, which has a special 9/11 exhibit, and at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. I also trademarked my brand, The Terrorist Therapist®.

Thanks to Carole Lieberman, The Terrorist Therapist!

#3- Various accomplishments

As an entrepreneur, I have to feel my absolute best to achieve the big things I've set out to accomplish. This summer, for the first time ever, I took a long, three week vacation on Virgin Islands with my wife. It was the first real vacation in years of my entrepreneurial venture!  While disconnecting from the daily routine of working on my business, I only allowed myself to do small amounts of creative work that really matters. Interestingly, I ended up securing a game-changing partnership for my roofing services marketplace company during the vacation! Since the beginning of Summer, I've also managed to loose 15 pounds of excess weight. I started working out and taking better care of myself, not just my business. With fewer pounds to slow me down, I look and feel way better than I did during Winter. :)Lastly, my roofing services marketplace ended up having the best summer ever as well. Our website posted incredible 50% gains over the previous summer in terms of the number of homeowners we were able to help with their roofing contractor searches and roof pricing decisions.

Thanks to Aleksandr Biyevetskiy,  RoofingCalc!

#4- Certification as a Minority Owned Business

Photo Credit: Zondra Wilson

Blu Skin Care has recently been certified as a Minority Owned Business. Landing Contracts That Once Seemed Unlikely I learned that companies from major corporations actually go through great measures to do business with certified minority owned companies. Some are even legally obligated to. Now that I've joined, I’ll been able to win contracts that I would not have dreamed of competing for.

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Thanks to Zondra Wilson, Blu Skin Care!

#5- Several accomplishments

Photo Credit: Erdal Yazmaci

In May, we assembled and hosted a special event on the future of in-vehicle  payments,  where leading executives examined the potential of incorporating a secure and seamless payment platform within vehicles – allowing consumers to pay for services like gas and parking, without having to get out of their car. In June, we partnered with NXP Semiconductors to deliver the first nationally sanctioned mobile wallet solution for the United Arab Emirates, launching a secure mobile payment platform that offers all UAE residents the ability to easily pay for a wide variety of goods and services using smart wearable technology or multifunctional devices. Finally, in July, Cardtek supported Axis Bank to launch a national open-loop payment system for public transportation in India. The new payment solution will fully integrate the banking systems, providing a secure payment platform that offers residents the ability to pay for goods and services – including public transportation. What a summer.

Thanks to Erdal Yazmaci, Cardtek!

What were your summer accomplishments? Tell us in the comments below.

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