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Even the most successful CEOs, entrepreneurs and business leaders need help and guidance. Many business leaders turn to coaches to reach their next level. One of these coaches is Satyen Raja of WarriorSage, a full spectrum of training and workshops that focus on igniting passion, teaching the Art of the Warrior, the Art of Sage, and the Art of the Lover. We had the opportunity to hear from Satyen about his business, background and the importance of mindset. 


Tell us your story. Why did you start your business?

I was raised in an entrepreneurial family and have started multiple companies in the human potential world. Having seen family and fellow business people drain themselves to the bone forcefully striving for success and freedom, I yearned for a better way.

Starting in my teens, I went on a lifelong quest to attain great success, total freedom and inner fulfillment. This quest led me to study with brilliant and enlightened teachers as well as business mavericks of all sorts.

My quest to unify financial success, family unity and spiritual freedom become realized through years of trial and error as well as refinement and evolution

After creating the heights of my own personal and professional freedom, I was compelled to help Business Leaders with big visions realize them in a whole new way that could actually be struggle free, all without sacrificing the joys of being alive and family and relationships.


Tell us about your products and services.

I offer personal one on one retreats and coaching for business leaders whom wish to have themselves personally guided to reach total states of freedom deeply and quickly.

I take them away from the everyday noise into special places off the beat and path.

There I dive into dissolving any internal blocks to potent healthy intimacy, impactful leadership and lifetime wealth with peace.


Take us through how you help your clients

The way I work is I like to get a full sense of what’s going on in my client’s life personally and professionally. I listen deeply to the ins and outs of their reality so they know and feel they have been understood to the core perhaps for the first time.

Having seen and felt the landscape of my client’s life, I offer them a path of coaching and mentorship that regardless of what successes they have already achieved, their last remaining mental and emotional shackles are dissolved thoroughly.

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I take them through uniquely guided experiences that go far deeper than talk therapy or motivational urging.

I like to find out what their biggest dreams and aspirations are and help them find the path of least resistance and maximum impact to attain them.

As each leader is a powerful and highly unique being, so is my coaching and guidance highly tuned and personalized to keep these world changers dialed into their highest peak consciousness and effectiveness.

For those whom wish the biggest leap forward and fellowship, I lead my private Equilibrium mastermind made of of an intimate group of unique Founder CEOs up to big things with big hearts.


Why is mindset important to entrepreneurs and business owners?

 Mindset is valuable. Your emotional state is valuable. The state of your Soul is the most import thing.

By Soul I’m talking about the metaphysical reality you are. Your Soul speaks to you in the language of inner comfort or distress. Its felt in your body usually in your core area.

Many business owners only utilize the power of their mind. The mind, which sometimes is vilified, is very valuable for metaphysically oriented entrepreneurs. Its our mind that visualizes the impossible and comes up with plans and execution to realize it.

The propensity to lean towards the mind approach only generates half successes as the Soul never gets nourished enough with the magic of life through having joyful experiences money cannot buy.

Yet when one`s Mind and Soul come together in a unity of clarity and inner comfort, everything can be achieved many times in non-linear exponential ways.

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Cultivating awareness of one’s mindset by mastering one’s beliefs alongside with feeling the comfort of your Soul with the daily decisions you make will help you feel when these two are aligned or not.

When they aren’t aligned, its not wise to move forward yet when you feel clear with an idea and its sparkling and you also feel at the same time a deep Yes in the form of a relaxed comfort in your gut and being, then your path will lead to good things.


How is spirituality connected with success?

As Buddha said a long time ago, “attachment is suffering”. Yet as business leaders, how could we live without having and creating continuously evolving visions and missions?

There has been a rift between spirituality and business for a long time. Many of us have imprints that say money is the root of all evil and other vilifications of the lust of money. Some of these concerns are valid as there are those whom have achieved financial success yet are deeply unhappy and lonely without higher meaning to life.

When we know we have it within us to achieve for ourselves, then naturally for some there evolves a desire to make a difference in a bigger way. We evolve from me…to we…to all of us.

In my work with leaders, I help them find Self Realization or what is commonly referred to as Enlightenment. Its really about awakening to your Infinite Self and then the work of crafting your life according becomes the fun part from then onward.


What is inner power and why is it important to transform your life?

Your inner power is the power to Decide to Have and Act. Many times entrepreneurs get caught up in creating an image of themselves that’s filled with self importance. Sometimes we repress our power to have and act as we feel deep down that we don’t deserve the things we really want, so we settle for lesser goals.

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Having Desires is only day dreaming and fulfillment delaying. To have real power, you have to lower the importance of your immediate desires and ask what you really want for sure, and then go for having that.

And with the willingness to have even the loftiest of your goals, you bring your willingness to act with impeccable follow through. This is the true inner power that leaps the greatest achievers to the top: to be willing to have and act. Everything else is distraction


How can entrepreneurs or business owners tap into the power of the warrior?

The Warrior within asks themselves with open honesty and vulnerability, “what must I do to love, live and die completely without regret?”

This is a piercing question if you let it, yet within the response is your direct path of Warrior-ship. It takes courage to ask of yourself such an altruistic question and to live the inner response.

This form of living simply that aims to expend only the minimum amount of energy to achieve the maximum return is the path of a Warrior Sage. They strive to actualize their bold goals with the freedom of a Buddha and the passion of a Lover!


How can people that are interested get involved?

You can reach out at [email protected]. Please feel free to share what’s up in your life that you would like to find greater ease and peace with or dreams you have that you wish fulfilled personally and professionally.


Any additional things to tell our readers?

For leaders who have interest in the in-depth understanding and application of subtle universal laws, this is the perfect time to dream and realize what you are meant to be doing if you had no limitations. Your example of inner and outer freedom paves the way for the next paradigm of success to emerge and take hold.


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