22 Entrepreneurs Reveal The Companies They Admire Most For Innovation

Innovative is a word often used to describe successful companies. It drives media attention and fosters customer retention rate, which is why most companies strive to have it in their mission statement. It seeks to solve customer problems in a better and modern way and helping such companies edge the competition. One of the companies that's known for innovation is Apple.

Here’s what entrepreneurs had to say about the companies they admire for their innovation.

#1- Apple

Photo Credit: Aiden Cole

The company I admire the most is Apple. Apple always finds new ways to produce what consumers want whether it's an iPhone with newer features or iPads that appeal to all ages. COVID-19 was also a key driver to innovation as many people are working from home and need reliable tech equipment.

Thanks to Aiden Cole, HIDE!

#2- Tesla

Photo Credit: Christina Giaquinto

One of the most innovative companies of 2021 is without a shadow of doubt, Tesla. It is also one of my most admired companies. Being one of the most eccentric billionaires, Elon Musk has shaped Tesla into a multi-billion dollar company. Tesla Tesla invented a successful business model for bringing compelling electric cars to the market. The reason for its success is due to not holding ‘compromises’ as an option. Teams under Tesla wanted to make an “electric car” without compromises, which is why the Tesla Roadster is designed to beat a gasoline sports car like a Porsche or Ferrari in a head-to-head showdown. Their focus on technology is also a key role in their innovation. Tesla’s technology is not only used by Tesla, it is also used by other car manufacturers like Toyota, Daimler, and Mercedes-Benz. Tesla has always put a huge emphasis on product development and technological advancement. It has whole teams dedicated to R&D and invests regularly to ensure it's at the top of the food chain.

Thanks to Christina Giaquinto, Modular Closets!

#3- Shopify

Photo Credit: Herman Hibber

Because they rely solely on foot traffic, tiny brick-and-mortar businesses on Main Street suffered severely when the pandemic lockdowns began. Shopify swiftly came in with solutions that allowed these firms to turn their point-of-sale terminals into e-commerce storefronts and begin online operations the same day. Shopify then featured these local businesses in its Shop app, allowing consumers to support their local economy while shopping online. It ended the year with a collaboration that allows businesses to take Alipay payments and a TikTok plugin that allows them to make shoppable advertisements, I believe.

Thanks to Herman Hibbert, Leaf Gutter Guards!

#4- IBM

Photo Credit: Andre Kazimierski

I have always been impressed by the innovation of IBM. They dedicate themselves to constant innovation in not only the technology and products that they offer to the public, but as a corporate entity as well. Overtime they have rebranded and recreated themselves to remain a force in the tech world, demonstrating that they are not going anywhere. Other companies with big names like Facebook and Google are often more quickly credited for their innovation, but IBM maintains innovating just as much without getting the same recognition.

Thanks to Andre Kazimierski, Improovy!

#5- Shiseido

Photo Credit: Rosi Ross

The company I admire the most for innovation is Shiseido, not only this Japanese company have had the ability to attract customers in different markets and different demographics, also do the development of raw materials and beauty technology mixing Japanese ingredients found locally with technology found globally. These key elements allow them to hold strong to their Japanese roots while moving forward on applying high tech for beauty and skincare. When it comes to their company inner values, as Japan is a really compressed yet dense culture, all members within the company on the HQ must speak good English as this expands the understanding of the company culture globally, the language requirement has been a key ingredient to the company understanding of other cultures and also has influenced their own development as increased their value in other markets. This is an added cultural value that all other companies should take into account today, as we are more globalized than before understanding the need of expanding our vision, experiences, and views of the world within our team members and leaders is key to be on top of the game.

Thanks to Rosi Ross, Ni Hao Babe!

#6- Airbnb

Photo Credit: David Fernandez

Airbnb is the firm that I appreciate the most in terms of creativity and innovation because it has completely transformed an industry and changed our travel patterns. While some people had previously rented out their houses, Airbnb organized the process, allowing homeowners to enhance the use of their private residences by incentivizing its customers to refer their friends to the platform. Even though they don't own any rental properties, they've managed to become the first place people look for lodging when planning a trip.

Thanks to David Fernandez, Capital Solutions!

#7- Virgin Group

Photo Credit: Darko Ivanoski

I have always admired and been amazed by successful entrepreneurs who don't have a university degree. Richard Branson's phenomenal Virgin group keeps innovating and progressing. Virgin Group has always been at the forefront of popular culture business ventures. From music to finance, airlines and now offering flights to the public into space. They're an edgy group and very inspiring for those of us with big ambitions within the travel

Thanks to Darko Ivanoski,!

#8- Zoom!

Photo Credit: Curtis Lawson

Before the COVID-19 epidemic, this platform was a great video conferencing tool. As we continue to work from home, it has become an essential tool for remote employees. Zoom connects us professionally and personally on all of our mobile and desktop devices. This software enables us to communicate with coworkers and connect with family members that we hope to see safely again soon.

Thanks to Curtis Lawson, Project Gunner!

#9- Basecamp

Photo Credit: Dr. Michael K. Newman

Basecamp is a business that I respect much for what they've accomplished and who they've become. They moved from being a design firm to creating their successful product, which they then scaled and made available to millions. They invented Ruby on Rails, were one of the earliest proponents of remote work, and took customer service to new heights. Basecamp is one of the few companies in our business that we appreciate.

Thanks to Dr. Michael K. Newman

#10- Mindbody

Photo Credit: Matthew Scarfo

Mindbody is a shining example of a business that used innovation and quick thinking to turn negative circumstances into an incredible new revenue stream. The brand was founded as a software to assist with setting up appointments at in-person health centers and fitness studios, but when the pandemic hit, Mindbody delved headfirst into the world of virtual workouts and classes, taking advantage of the massive earning potential there. As a health and fitness entrepreneur myself, I look up to the folks at Mindbody for leading the charge of ingenuity it takes to expand the fitness industry from in-person gyms and studios to more remote and digital formats. However, this company is a positive example of innovation for any industry, and shows how bad situations brought on by the pandemic or any other setback can be turned into something extraordinarily positive with enough creativity.

Thanks to Matthew Scarfo, Lift Vault!

#11- Microsoft

Photo Credit: Sally Stevens

Since I am technologically savvy, I am interested in what Microsoft has to offer. This corporation is regarded for its most innovative products because they revolutionized the game of PC operating systems. Windows XP showed that this corporation has enormous potential and that its technological achievements are at the cutting edge. They have a unique selling point because Microsoft is one of the top technology companies globally
that offers them a competitive advantage. Another thing I appreciate about this firm is its adaptability to change and expansion into new areas, as they entered the mobile and gaming sectors and were able to gain a big market share, proving their success. Lastly, Microsoft Office remains the most popular corporate productivity software program. It demonstrates that they have marked their existence by being so innovative.

Thanks to Sally Stevens,!

#12- Figma

Photo Credit: Dennis Lenard

For the past couple of years, Figma has gained the love and support of designers worldwide. With every update and new feature, the product becomes more and more useful while still managing to attract thousands of novice users. The way they balance advanced functionalities and ease of use proves that they're a customer obsessed organization. Perhaps the fact that Figma knows it's making a product for designers motivates them to go above and beyond in terms of user experience. Regardless, they're doing an incredible job.

Thanks to Dennis Lenard, Creative Navy UX Agency!

#13- Google

Photo Credit: Ravi Davda

I love Google. Partly because our business revolves around Google, but mainly because of how innovative they are. Google wasn't the first search engine around. But it's crazy how popular it's become. At the same time, it's such a simple concept. They've become a verb – to Google. That's how much they've monopolized the market. Since this, they've also expanded into many different markets, and I'm excited to see what's next. What impresses me the most is how they start with a beta product. If it does well, they continue to iterate until it's the best in the world. If not, they simply scrap it.

Thanks to Ravi Davda, Rockstar Marketing!

#14- Walt Disney

Photo Credit: Jeremy Goldman

I really admire the Walt Disney empire in terms of innovation. As time passes, this company is moving ahead more and more. For me, it's a live example of agile and sustainable business. In fact, it inspires me, and I learned a lot from its innovation. I understand how innovation, creativity, and love together are magic potions to guarantee business thriving. It succeeds in occupying a lovely part in every child's memory; including me when I was a kid and that's the core idea of an innovative successful business.

Thanks to Jeremy Goldman, FUTUREPROOF!

#15- Walmart

Photo Credit: Kane Swerner

Walmart, despite the decline of traditional brick-and-mortar storefronts, continues to be a game-changer in its own right. It has been at the forefront of the transition from a conventional store to a tech-driven company. It has changed its focus and practices to become a high-tech innovator. To optimize the customer experience, the business has been using the most recent technology and innovations. It aims to stand out from its competitors by bringing leading technologies and utilizing patents to secure ingenuity while driving a future-proof brand.

Thanks to Kane Swerner, Memento Memorabilia!

#16- Ahrefs

As the owner of a digital marketing company, the business I admire most is Ahrefs. Ahrefs is a well-known tool within the SEO industry for identifying SEO keywords, backlinks, and tracking the success of SEO strategy. While
maybe not a mainstream pick, the lessons I have learned from them in communication, presentation, and overall effectiveness is invaluable. From their SEO blog which really breaks SEO down to a routine level, to their YouTube channel which provides individuals with a chance to learn the ins and outs of SEO there is a lot to learn from them. Furthermore, as their company has grown they have always kept their core audience at the front of their mission, which is to help individuals achieve SEO success. When looking to grow my firm I always try to present them as a goal for how we should be communicating with our customers online.

Thanks to Patrick Kurowski, MarketKeep!

#17- Aurora Solar

Photo Credit: Ouriel Lemmel

I admire Aurora Solar for its ability to use cloud computing technology to create innovative clean energy solutions. They were founded in 2013 and have only grown since then. Many companies have amazing ideas but aren’t ready to scale innovation. True innovation comes from imagination but also the ability to grow. I look forward to seeing the ways Aurora Solar continues to use technological advancement for a better world.

Thanks to Ouriel Lemmel, WinIt!

#18- Amazon

Photo Credit: Jordan W. Peagler, Esq.

Amazon is always looking for new ways to meet customers’ needs — sometimes before the customer even realizes that need is there. The Amazon Hub Lockers idea is a perfect example of that. Customers in certain areas can have their packages delivered to a secure locker instead of their home addresses. Customers don’t have to worry that their packages will be stolen from their doorsteps — and Amazon saves itself from the hassle of missing packages. What Amazon does so well is that they have great ideas — and the drive, desire, and know-how to implement those ideas. That’s how they went from being a small online bookseller to one of the biggest companies in the world.

Thanks to Jordan W. Peagler, Esq., MKP Law Group, LLP!

#19- Hedley and Bennett

Photo Credit: Seb Evans

I love Hedley and Bennett aprons — they solved a really important need for tough, well-designed aprons that work for home chefs and restaurant staff as well. During the pandemic, the brand started making masks, which are also really durable and handy. They add new options to the lineup without creating way too many options. It’s a great brand!

Thanks to Seb Evans, Banquist!


Photo Credit: Alex Lefkowitz

I most admire because of how they're disrupting application development across all sectors. Bubble is a no-code programming language that allows small entrepreneurs and big corporations alike to create fully functional web and mobile apps. It cuts production time and costs in half without compromising functionality or style. That's why I chose Bubble over traditional developers to create my company's application and backend systems. Overall, no-code is a burgeoning technology that will eventually become the standard for program development, and Bubble is at the forefront leading the charge. Their $100m Series A in July, 2021 shows that I'm not the only one who sees their potential.

Thanks to Alex Lefkowitz, Tasty Edits!

#21- Calm

Photo Credit: Kristaps Brencans

My pick for the most innovative company I look up to at the moment is Calm, the meditation app. I especially appreciate the marketing and branding job they've done, as they've positioned themselves in the best way possible as a simple, convenient solution for anxiety during times when those feelings are all too present. They've partnered with celebrities and musicians to target the younger demographic while making sure to push their ads harder during specific times of higher stress such as the US election or during the pandemic. The marketing department at Calm is doing a stellar job, and the company is certainly profiting massively from it.

Thanks to Kristaps Brencans, On The Map!

#22- Netflix

Photo Credit:

When it comes to innovation, nothing beats Netflix. They revolutionized how we watch movies now. They thought of how they could provide a better product by utilizing available technology and found a way. They were ahead of their time and thought of a solution and a way to deliver it that was totally different and awesome. We wouldn't be able to move forward without companies like Netflix. It only takes a simple idea to create great things. If you really think about what your customers need and how we can provide that need with fewer costs and have the determination to get things done no matter what, then nothing is impossible!

Thanks to James Leversha, Top Notch I.T!

 What company do you admire the most for innovation? Why? Tell us in the comments below. Don’t forget to join our #IamCEO Community.

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