Award-Winning Phone App Brings Children Joy One Tune at a Time

A leader in musical education apps, JoyTunes has shot to the number one spot of children’s education apps. A former member of the Israeli Defense Forces, co-founder of JoyTunes Yuval Kaminka spent years working in the world of high tech. But he also had a passion for music, and realized that younger generations seemed too involved in video games to care about learning musical instruments. In response, he developed game-like lessons that teach children real music skills that easily translate to musical instruments.

Hearpreneur spoke with Yuval about his business, advice for entrepreneurs and business owners and the mobile industry.

Why did you start your business?

Yuval Kaminka, CEO and co-founder of JoyTunes
Yuval Kaminka, CEO and co-founder of JoyTunes

I started the business after being inspired seeing my nephew's deep commitment and interest in video games and lack-there-of in his piano lessons. I quickly understood that by combining the addictive power of video games with learning an actual instrument the possibilities were endless. JoyTunes goal is to lift the stigmas attached to learning musical instruments and inject the passion of music into everyday lives. JoyTunes believes everyone should be able to play and enjoy music and we make it our mission to bring people closer to music.

How did you come up with your business name?

The name JoyTunes originates from our vision to bring the passion of music to the masses – putting Joy into learning musical instruments/Tunes.

How does JoyTunes work?

JoyTunes combines new media and technology with the traditional world of music. The JoyTunes patented MusicSense™ technology, enables players to use real instruments in conjunction with their tablet or computer with no wires needed for a seamless experience. The instrument “hears” you play via the microphone in the iPad meaning all you need is an iPad, a musical instrument and you are good to go!

JoyTunes is comprised of a team of music educators and expert gamers who have one thing in common – a love of music and belief that everyone should be given the opportunity and tools to learn an instrument of their choice. We live, breathe and even dream teaching music and we strive to provide players of all levels with the tools they need to see results and most importantly enjoy their playing!

What accolades/awards have you received?

We're proud to have received significant recognition, including –

  • 2014 Parents Choice Award
  • 2014, 2012, 2011 NAMM Best Tools For Beginners Award
  • 2013 EMI innovation Challenge
  • 2013 “Hottest Mobile Startup” Israel Mobile Summit
  • 2013 Best Tablet Game, Game IS awards
  • 2011 Most Creative E-Content, UN

What are some future trends you see in the mobile industry?

I believe the mobile world is transitioning from a platform supporting only casual apps to a more mature industry. On the product level, I think we'll see more and more services and high quality apps that build lasting relationships with the user. We'll also see more business focused apps. From the infrastructure standpoint, this trend includes development of tools and best practices for improving discoverability, development, maintenance, A/B testing, QA and more. If you compare what's available in the web and mobile you understand we're only just beginning.

What advice would you give to entrepreneurs thinking of starting a business?

Stating the obvious for a moment, I find myself surprised by how much execution is key, often more than the idea itself. As for choosing your idea, part of the magic is that there are examples for every type of company building methodology so it's hard to find a common ground. I for one believe that the idea needs to be something you actually believe in and think the world needs. A vision you see yourself passionate about for at least 5-10 years from now. That passion will keep you going when things get tough.


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