11 Entrepreneurs Discuss The Entrepreneurs That Best Represents Innovation and Disruption

Innovation is a driver of many businesses globally. In the competitive business world, you have to innovate ideas on how your business should run. Different entrepreneurs take on diverse approaches to implement innovative ideas in their businesses and some emerge to be successful. This gains them recognition as innovative and inspire other entrepreneurs to be innovative as well.

We asked entrepreneurs about their favorite innovative entrepreneur or business owner and here’s what they had to say.

#1-Ivan Fatovic

Photo Credit: Brandon Amoroso

When it comes to innovation and disruption the entrepreneur that comes to mind has to be Ivan Fatovic, the creator of He changed the way we perceive parenting by giving prospective parents the chance to meet others who are interested in co-parenting without the hassle of a relationship. His creativity in making an online service and app that corners this niche market is inspiring.

Thanks to Brandon Amoroso, electrIQ marketing!

#2-Yvon Chouinard

Photo Credit: Amine Rahal

Since 1971, Patagonia owner and founder Yvon Chouinard has been a bona fide maverick in the business world. Since its inception, his company has solely had women in upper management (he has stated in the past that he doesn’t trust men to run the company), in addition to providing employee childcare, and an excellent work/life balance, championing environmentalism, long before these concepts were part of the collective consciousnesses.

Thanks to Amine Rahal, Little Dragon Media!

#3- Mukesh Ambani

Photo Credit: Anshul Kapoor

Mukesh Ambani, Chairman and MD, Reliance Industries is one man who epitomizes innovation and disruption. Even if someone argues that he got his business on a platter by his father (Dhirubhai Ambani), it is only under Mukesh’s guidance and vision, Reliance has reached new heights and explored unknown territories. Be it retail telecom, entertainment, power & infrastructure, petrochemicals, IT, textiles, capital markets, or start-up incubation – he has entered every space and owned it like a boss. He is the fifth richest man in the world and the richest in Asia.

Thanks to Anshul Kapoor, MBA Rendezvous!

#3- Sam Walton

Photo credit: Jonathan Bass

When considering entrepreneurs known for their innovation and disruption, I admire Sam Walton the founder of Walmart. He has no fears of trying new ideas. His motto is to encourage those that fail as their attempt shows they are capable of finding new opportunities but need another chance to succeed. Walton founded Walmart's mission called COE, every meeting begins with a discussion of these three letters. They represent the correction of errors. Success only comes with failure and failure turns into success when corrected midstream. Understanding how to re-navigate and avoid the black hole is the key to success in business.

Thanks to Jonathan Bass, Whom Home!


Photo Credit: John Linden

Amazon is one of the most disruptive creations to the retail world. Currently, Amazon is one of the most valuable companies in the world. But Jeff Bezos is no longer just about retail. Kindle is a very innovative product that creates value, disrupting publishing and the book industry. It even spurred a new generation of content creators. Kindle is an example of something people needed, without knowing it.

Thanks to John Linden, MirrorCoop!

#5- Sara Blakely, the founder and inventor of Spanx

Photo Credit: Deborah Sweeney

The story behind the creation of Spanx is pure genius. Blakely was preparing to attend a party one evening and realized she didn't own any undergarments that could look smooth under white pants. She did, however, own a pair of control top pantyhose. Using a pair of scissors, she cut the feet off the pantyhose and wore the undergarment underneath her pants — thus starting the Spanx revolution! The company now offers a wide variety of shapewear including bras, panties, hosiery, and even leggings. Blakely was named the world's youngest, self-made millionaire by Forbes in 2012. Her entrepreneurial spirit continues to shine during COVID-19, as Blakely has committed to donating $5 million in support of female-run small businesses.

Thanks to Deborah Sweeney,!

#6- Nikola Tesla, Old School Disrupter

Photo Credit: Todd Ramlin

When I think about innovative and disruptive entrepreneurs the name that comes to mind is Nikola Tesla. The man was a genius and a hustler. He had fabulous ideas about science and engineering and also the drive and showmanship to get those ideas in front of potential investors in a way that got them to open their wallets to fund his research and experiments. Proof of Tesla’s genius is only as far as the nearest light switch. His work on alternating current, which he patented and licensed to Westinghouse, is the backbone of our modern electrical grid.

Thanks to Todd Ramlin, Cable Compare!

#7- Jean Charles Boisset

Photo Credit: Tiffany Victoria Bradshaw

Jean Charles Boisset (JCB) has revolutionized the wine industry by disrupting it and creating a large DTC/Direct to Consumer salesforce where we bring the wine country tasting room experience to your living room. As WIne Ambassadors, the DTC salesforce originally focused on in-person wine tastings prior to COVID, and now, post-COVID, we are experts in doing virtual wine tastings.

Thanks to Tiffany Victoria Bradshaw, MBA, Bradshaw & Co. Business Consulting!

#8- Steve Jobs

Photo Credit: Brandon Monaghan

To be an industry disruptor, you need an innovative idea that will completely reinvent an industry. It has to be something unique that is introduced to a market that hasn’t experienced anything like it before. The beauty of being a disruptor is that you don’t need to reinvent the wheel, you just need the creativity and ingenuity to reimagine it. I think the most commonly used person that comes to mind is Steve Jobs, and rightfully so. He was a true innovator and disruptor. He had a clear vision of the future for Apple and he did not stop at anything less. He disrupted multiple industries with his innovations; computers, television, photography, music, communication, transportation, news, just to name a few. I think it is nearly impossible for another entrepreneur to outshine his achievements.

Thanks to Brandon Monaghan, Miracle Brand!

#9- Bill Gates

Photo Credit: Mr. Ojas Mhatre

The first names that come to our mind here would be the likes of Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos who have truly disrupted the way we conduct business and then again some more. But if I had to pick one name it would have to be Bill Gates. You could argue that Microsoft products were copied from Apple or they aren’t as good but at the end of the day Gates created one of the most valuable companies in the world by placing computers in to the lives of hundreds of millions of people and disrupted the way a lot of people not only conducted business but how they lived. Microsoft is still one of the most valuable companies in the world and it has much to thank Mr. Gates for.

Thanks to Mr. Ojas Mhatre,!

#10- Eric Yuan

Photo Credit: Dan Bailey

I think we really have to give credit to Eric Yuan, the CEO and owner of Zoom. It's possible Zoom may become a blip on the radar, but it positioned itself as the primary video conferencing software during a time when the entire world was reliant upon such technology. Even more impressive, it did it when Skype was already there and could have easily kept hold of the market share if they'd worked at it. But Eric and the teams at Zoom created a platform more people wanted to use, and because of it they've effectively pushed Skype out of a market it practically created.

Thanks to Dan Bailey, WikiLawn!

#11- Elon Musk

A person that I admire in the innovation and disruption space is Elon Musk, who is behind companies like Tesla and SpaceX, to name a few. I admire what Elon has been able to achieve through his ability to pinpoint a problem and develop a revolutionary solution to that problem. He continues to be a disruptor in multiple industries by pushing the envelope with groundbreaking innovations.

Thanks to Ashwin Sokke, WOW Skin Science!

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