30 Entrepreneurs Discuss Whether or Not Business Success is Overrated

Working hard to fuel your business vision and great perseverance brings much-desired success. The idea of success remains popular but its definition means different to everyone and so is its measure. But is there any truth behind the business success hype? Well, to some it’s a gateway to happiness, and work-life balance while to others, there’s nothing too exciting about it.

We sought to hear from entrepreneurs and business owners and here’s what they had to say about business success.

#1- The interpretation of what success is, is overrated

Photo Credit: Evalyne Cadorna

Success is never overrated as a business owner or entrepreneur. Your dreams and aspirations are tied to your business and you want every molecular part of your body for it to succeed if it is truly your business. The interpretation from people looking in or who would define success based on numbers, popularity, and aesthetics is what is false. However, in our judgmental, and status-updating world, it seems as if the gradual process of persistence, maturity, and growth is rapidly fading away.

Thanks to Evalyne Cadorna, Elevate You!

#2- Success is about more than just making money

Photo Credit: Brian Greenberg

Success is often defined in terms of financial gain or increased productivity, but this narrow perspective fails to take into account the many other factors that contribute to a thriving business. While it is certainly important to be profitable, businesses also need to create a positive workplace culture, provide high-quality products and services, and build strong relationships with their customers. In short, success is about more than just making money.

Thanks to Brian Greenberg, Insurist!

#3- I feel like it is overrated

Photo Credit: Chelsea Cohen

I've always wanted to be successful at business, and now that I got there, I do feel like it's a bit overrated and not something to strive for by all means. For me, the best thing about succeeding in business is not the success itself, but the person it allows you to become. After all, nobody really wants business success if it means sacrificing something greater, and it's better to strive to be the kind of person that is successful and has a happy life driven by business success.

Thanks to Chelsea Cohen, SoStocked!

#4- Business success never gets overrated

Photo Credit: Christopher Liew

As long as entrepreneurs are passionate to reach their goals, success becomes the fruit of their labor. A successful entrepreneur has a solid plan and knows how to implement it. Once you get a sense of fulfillment in your business, the feeling of accomplishment drives you to achieve more. However, if you are just looking at the superficiality of success, then you may want to reevaluate your business goals. Never stop working on yourself, and always leave room for improvement.

Thanks to Christopher Liew, Wealth Awesome!

#5- I do not believe success in business is overrated at all

Photo Credit: Deborah Sweeney

I define success in business as taking initiative and believing in yourself while helping others in your company to grow and succeed. Success comes from being able to find happiness in what you do – and contributing to the success and growth of your company and those who help to make the company what it is. Being successful in business means acknowledging all of the components that make you successful, like family, friends, colleagues, and hard work.

Thanks to Deborah Sweeney, MyCorporation!

#6- Success is always a matter of perspective

Photo Credit: Neil Anders

Some believe success can be measured by the amount of money a company makes, while others believe it is about how many people you help. If you are not making money, then your business cannot survive. But if you are only focused on making money and neglecting all other aspects of running a business, then your customers may not be happy with the service they receive from your company. I have two perspectives because I believe that success is relative.

Thanks to Neil Anders, Trusted Rate!

#7- Business success is never an exaggerated concept

Photo Credit: Sarah Walters

Business success isn't overrated if you're contented and delighted about running your business. For me, business success is never an exaggerated concept, especially if you are motivated and happy to achieve something that will benefit many people rather than just making the company a million-dollar earner. You've won if you're happy and grateful for the small victories along the way. And you've also won when the business makes your and your colleagues' lives better.

Thanks to Sarah Walters,  The Whit Group!

#8- It depends

Photo Credit: Jack Miller

Business success will be overrated or otherwise, depending on how you pursue it. If you do so in a way that would go beyond the bounds of what’s ethical, even just for the slightest bit, then it is. If you choose to step on other people’s toes or even bring them down purposely, then you’re likely overvaluing the definition of success too much. That’s when it gets shady. However, if you do pursue it with full honesty and without that superficial definition of success in mind, then it is not overrated.

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Thanks to Jack Miller, How I Get Rid Of!

#9- I think business success is underrated

Photo Cedit: Guney Ozberk

I think it's important to have a good idea of what success looks like for you, but I also think it's important to let other people define success for themselves. Often there are other people involved with the company, investors or board members, who have their own definition of success, and sometimes that definition is different from what the founders envisioned—and it can cause problems later on. They want their ideas to take off and become huge.

Thanks to Guney Ozberk, Enklare!

#10- If success is the only thing you are striving

Photo Credit: Brett Robinson

I believe that if success is the only thing you are striving for from your business, then yes, once you reach this point it will be overrated. This is because part of the enjoyment of running a business is the journey! It's bringing a team of people together to build something great, and it's watching how your content makes your consumers happy. Success is only part of a business, and I think that it should be enjoyed just as much as the rest of the business elements.

Thanks to Brett Robinson, Wired Clip!

#11- Yes, it is overrated

Photo Credit: Venessa Ezekie

Business success, nowadays, is kind of overrated. A successful entrepreneur becomes famous by talking about his/her struggles or fights during his/her journey of growth. Today's ideology of success also includes having a lot of money whether it might cost them anything such as their health, their family, or other things. In my opinion, success is simply in being happy and able to be with your family and in good health without having to worry about work all the time and missing out on all the otherworldly activities and fun.

Thanks to Venessa Ezekie, Oofloo!

#12- Success is actually a very personal thing

Photo Credit: Melissa Kwan

The media makes us think that getting VC funding and unicorn exits are the only things that give us permission to be successful, but that can't be farther from the truth. Only 1% of startups even get VC funding and 1% of that gets to a billion-dollar exit. Between zero and unicorn, there are so many businesses that are giving millions of people really great lives that never get talked about. Business success doesn't just come in financial form, it also comes in the form of personal happiness and the life that it gives an entrepreneur.

Thanks to Melissa Kwan, eWebinar!

#13- Overrated for the faint-hearted

Photo Credit: Shah Aktaruzzaman

Business successes it’s overrated only for the faint-hearted. People that can’t endure being persistent and constant will be easily worn out by the energy businesses require to excel and while they can’t get what they want from the business or things fall apart, they will then doubt the success rate of business and everything man needs to succeed in business is beyond that doubt. Your accomplishment will be crucial since you put so much effort and sacrifice into realizing your goals.

Thanks to Shah Aktaruzzaman, Fastsole!

#14- It is overrated

Photo Credit: Davin Joseph

For some people, everything is overrated. And business has its own way of becoming a distraction that may be used as an excuse for neglecting the rest of life. “Can't you see I'm running a business?” is a frequent refrain from those who want to avoid facing whatever it is they're avoiding in life. However, the secret is not to make your company's success precedence over everything else. There is such a thing as work-life balance.  People shouldn't give up their lives in order to better their businesses.

Thanks to Davin Joseph, MyEnamelPins!

#15- Business success is overrated if you’re doing it for the wrong reasons

Photo Credit: Jim Sullivan

Business success, which can be outwardly seen, isn’t always the type of success you need in order to feel fulfilled. Small, personal successes are much more important than large monetary successes or notoriety. Sure these are great perks, but the successes we should be focused on as entrepreneurs are the ones that we never thought would happen. Small personal successes like hiring team members for the first time, and comfortably affording rent, are all small successes that help lead to the big ones.

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Thanks to Jim Sullivan, JCSI!

#16- Success is different for different people

Photo Credit: Sean Tolliver

For someone, happiness is a success while for others money is. Certain small businesses that might not be very famous are still somewhere successful because they are doing what they are good at and ultimately, they’re making profits. Success is overrated since there’s a lot more than just being successful. Your balance sheet might show profits but, you might not be as good as your competitors. For you, this might be a success
but for a million others, you’re doing wrong

Thanks to Sean Tolliver, C-Trax!

#17- I don’t think that business success is overrated at all

Photo Credit: Kevin Harris

I think that without business success there is no motivation. This motivation to be successful in business is what moves the company forward, and motivates us to try new things and go in different directions. If we take away business success there is no reason to try and grow. Business success is when the business fulfills its purpose, in a fruitful and satisfactory way, and that should be the aim of all entrepreneurs. It would be so boring if success came so easily!

Thanks to Kevin Harris, NANBF!

#18- Absolutely not

Photo Credit: Matthew Osborn

Absolutely not, as it provides a platform for you to explore the other areas of your life that you might have put on hold to pursue your business ventures. In order to fully satiate the appetite of your personal dreams, you’ll need to succeed in your professional life, and like love and marriage, you can’t have one without the other. That’s why success is crucial, as it will help you to do all of the things that you’ve ever wanted to. It is
important to remember that business success is not just about making money;
it is also about making a positive difference.

Thanks to Matthew Osborn, Legionary!

#19- Sometimes business success is overrated

Photo Credit: Radhika Gupta

Even the most successful business organizations fail if they refuse to adopt changes per the customer's expectations and make necessary improvements in their products and services. We should not resort to entrepreneurship if we are in search of easy money, lots of free time, higher status in society, broad acceptance in the business world without doing anything extraordinary, and risk-free existence. Creativity, innovation, constant learning, ability to deal with different challenges are essential for survival and development in the business world.

Thanks to Radhika Gupta, One Digital Land!

#20- Depends on how you operate within the business

Photo Credit: Shane Paarman

I think it depends on how you define business, and how you operate within it. Personally, I define business as a trade that I thrive in, and in that definition, the feeling of success is incredible. It’s the fruition of passion intertwined with hard work and consistency, and there’s always more to achieve. However, if you define business as just commercial activity, success can be a little underwhelming, as in most cases, it won’t be as big or as extreme as some of the big businesses we look up to.

Thanks to Shane Paarman, Awesome Stuff 365!

#21- Business success may be slightly overrated

Photo Credit: Werner Jorgensen

People say that the more successful you become, the better you feel. But I’d disagree. There is much more to life than just stats and figures. So, if you’re linking your happiness with the success of your business, think twice. I have learned the hard way that appreciating the little things in life brings joy. It gives a higher sense of purpose and motivation. I am not only achieving my dreams but also empowering people in the process. As a result, they, too, can reach their personal and professional goals.

Thanks to Werner Jorgensen, HeatXperts!

#22- Business success may feel overrated at some point

Photo Credit: Joseph Puglisi

However, if one has that mindset, it may derail productivity and development. Business success is key, because, without it, you may not know what you have achieved. Success is relative, but in my opinion, it is a series of achievements and goals met without it necessarily being a one-time achievement. If the success of your business is the main goal, you would align your plans and goals towards it, therefore, business success is not overrated.

Thanks to Joseph Puglisi, Dating Iconic!

#23- Business is not overrated

Photo Credit: Ben Grindlow

Most successful and wealthiest people in the world gain popularity and resources from running a business. Its success is proven not just fabricated. Instead of overrated, I can say it’s glamorized. People make it look simple, but in reality, it’s not. Being an entrepreneur and deciding to start your venture is easy, but the journey toward success is the real challenge. It takes a distinct mindset, passion, and perseverance to run a business and be a successful entrepreneur.

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Thanks to Ben Grindlow, ProXpn!

#24- It depends on how you feel

Photo Credit: Khamis Maiouf

Some people are happy with a yearly income of $50,000. Ultimately, success is measured by their level of satisfaction. If you make half a billion dollars and are still unhappy, you are a loser. Now return to the original question: if being successful in business makes you happy, then it's underrated. If it doesn’t, it's overrated. The purpose of business is to make life better. People should not risk their lives to improve their businesses. Therefore, business success is a relative concept that should mostly have a broader perspective besides work.

Thanks to Khamis Maiouf, Book of Barbering!

#25- Success is not overrated

Photo Credit: Steve Anderson

Individuals only view success as overrated because they are unaware of how long it takes for a business to reach the peak of the ladder. They fail to recognize the success of others because of this. Every victory is sweeter because it takes many obstacles, difficulties, failures, and pains for a firm to reach its pinnacle of success. Because there is a major success for every great individual who rose from humble beginnings to a model, success is not overrated.

Thanks to Steve Anderson, Junk Yard Near Me!

#26- Only overrated if you treat it like a game to be won

Photo Credit: Morgan Lilker

Business success is only overrated if you treat it like a game to be won. You can either rush and ignore everything else in life to reach that huge idealistic end goal, or you can take it one step at a time and enjoy the small achievements along the way, always wondering what’s coming next. I find that I can ask any businessperson what their end goal is and they’ll be able to tell me without a second thought. The key to creating an underrated business success story is to always wonder what’s next.

Thanks to Morgan Lilker, Watches of Today!

#27- It is overrated

Photo Credit: Katie Sheach

Personally, I don't believe in the traditional form that money & fame = success, it's completely overrated and it's not all it's cracked up to be. Often when you reach your goals it's underwhelming you celebrate for a second and you are straight onto the next thing because in business we have to keep moving forward. We should be enjoying the journey along the way because that's where the challenges, fun, and happiness really are!

Thanks to Katie Sheach, Katie Chic Consulting!

#28- Not overrated but oversimplified

Photo Credit: Patrick Long

Success, in my opinion, is not overrated but rather oversimplified. Many successful business owners and leaders today make achieving success look easy, but it is definitely far from being that. Many aspiring entrepreneurs fail because they start a business without thought and proper planning. But, achieving business success requires a great deal of hard work, determination, and perseverance. That is why I will tell every entrepreneur not to mistake financial success for happiness. There’s more to it.

Thanks to Patrick Long, fusion formations!

#29- Business success is never overrated

Photo Credit: Maxime Legardez

For me, business success is never overrated and will never be. Of course, it is the goal of each business to be successful on its own and make it grow. It is also the happiness of every entrepreneur to see their business flourish and reach its fullest potential. We cannot simply set aside the feeling of being successful, it is the ultimate euphoria. However, if the success of your business did not bring you happiness, it would be fair to say that it is overrated.

Thanks to Maxime Legardez, Maki!

#30- Not always

Photo Credit: Lorie Carson

It is overrated only when you believe that success is all there is to life. Success should not be the goal of a business owner but rather a by-product. The thing that matters is not how successful I am but how happy I am. Success can be the by-product of happiness. Happiness can be achieved by working on something you love, doing what you are good at, and doing something that benefits others. That's what I strive for. The best thing about working on a startup is that you control your destiny.

Thanks to Lorie Carson, Real People Finder!

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