14 Entrepreneurs Discuss Whether or Not Business Success is Overrated

Working hard to fuel your business vision and great perseverance brings much-desired success. The idea about success remains popular but its definition means different to everyone and so is it's measure. But is there any truth behind the business success hype? Well, to some it's a gateway to happiness, work-life balance while to to others, there's nothing too exciting about it.

We sought to hear from entrepreneurs and business owners and here's what they had to say about business success.

#1- There is no “I made it” to success

Photo Credit: Mike Falahee

If we’re constantly moving towards a goal, reaching it becomes our moment of success. But that moment is fleeting and on the other side of it, often leaves us feeling empty. Like we’re missing something. And that’s because the immeasurable “success” leads us to believe there’s an “Ah-Ha!” moment—but there’s not. Success is overrated because the end is in sight, but reaching the end is a letdown. Instead of trying to nail down success, life and business both should be about striving for the next goal, and taking a moment to appreciate the victories when we get there.

Thanks to Mike Falahee, Marygrove Awning Co.!

#2- It's the small things that bring joy in life that are underrated

Photo Credit: Paige Arnof-Fenn

Business success is a wonderful reward for a job well done but it will not sustain you over time. Balancing success with a full life and sharing it with close friends and family makes the highs even higher and provides meaning and purpose to your life. Surpassing revenue goals, getting a promotion, or signing a big new customer can be very exciting in real time but once the initial rush is over and you are back to work are there people or things in your life to celebrate the everyday moments with and just enjoy & appreciate a great meal, glass of wine or new music with? In my experience, it is the small things in life that are underrated that truly bring you joy so make sure your definition of success incorporates both personal and professional aspects. Success is much more than a job title or bank account, it is about the lives you touch and the love you share.

Thanks to Paige Arnof-Fenn, Mavens & Moguls!

#3- You might be playing it too safe

Photo Credit: Greg Heilers

Having a successful business is what all entrepreneurs and CEOs want. However, if success is all that you are experiencing… Well, you may be playing it too safe. While it can come naturally to many, running a business takes making mistakes and pushing boundaries. This is where true growth happens because gaps reveal themselves and opportunities to expand are presented. Take risks to prove to yourself how much grit you have and how far you can take your business. Sure, there will be some stumbles along the way, but if you use it to your advantage and evolve, you and your business will be so much better for it.

Thanks to Greg Heilers, Jolly Content!

#3- It' s definitely not overrated

Photo Credit: Adam Hempenstall

It’s not all you think it is – money is great but it’s not the final goal of succeeding as an entrepreneur. The real reward is the freedom which you get because you can afford to make choices you want, and those you are forced to make.

Thanks to Adam Hempenstall, Better Proposals!

#4- To me is based upon learning

Photo Credit: Debbie Savage

I am an entrepreneur of two businesses and if I were to measure my business success in the conventional model of financial abundance, I would be in a drought! Pouring your heart and soul to a new business is tiring and draining in every aspect of life. However, the perspective I like to take is one that is healthy in honoring how far I have gone in my business and what I have become as a business owner and woman. Success, in the beginning, shouldn't be determined by numbers. The revealing measure of business success to me is based upon learning, learning about my clients and a deeper schooling of abilities and strengths. The better grasp you have of yourself and business will give you the staying power to push through when others lose sight of their vision. The longer you are in the game the higher chances of business successes; so don't think of business success as only as profit gains.

Thanks to Debbie Savage, To Thine Own Style Be True!

#5- Some definitions of success are archaic

Photo Credit: Steve Farber

Success isn't overrated, but some definitions of success are archaic. The greatest leaders throughout history have been the ones who viewed success in deeper, broader terms. From a business standpoint, success still involves things like making a profit and growing market share. But it also includes serving your employees to create a culture where they love their work so they produce products and services that customers will love and that make the world a better place. When leaders do that, their businesses make money and, you know, survive. That type of success is actually underrated.

Thanks to Steve Farber, The Extreme Leadership Institute!

#6- The mindset of success is overrated

Photo Credit: Snow Qu

I don't think business success is overrated as every entrepreneur want that for their business. However, what I find overrated is the mindset that success is all there is and that it's the finality of everything. Many entrepreneurs aren't able to push through beyond success because they didn't plan ahead for what comes next after being able to do everything they've wanted to do with their business. Many forget that real business success means continuous innovating and never losing sight of what really matters.

Thanks to Snow Qu, Linking News!

#7- Isn't overrated by any means

Photo Credit: Becky Beach

Success is important in business and other areas of your life. It isn't overrated by any means. If you aren't successful in business, then you won't feel like you are making an impact. Success can be defined as making lots of money and personal satisfaction. If you are content with your business, but it isn't making much money, you could still feel successful. At first, my business wasn't making enough money for me to leave my corporate job. I still felt like it was successful because I was making an impact and felt like there was hope. In the past, I have created other businesses that went nowhere and I learned from my mistakes. I just have to throw spaghetti at the wall and see what sticks when it comes to running my business. There are failures and successes, which is a good thing. If all you do is experience success, then you won't learn from failures.

Thanks to Becky Beach, MomBeach.com!

#8- You become what you believe

Photo Credit: Deborah Sweeney

I am a business owner who does not believe success is overrated. My parents taught me that you become what you believe you will become, and I agree. When you work hard and maintain a positive attitude, you will become successful in business and life. However, if you approach business with a negative attitude or choose to be an entrepreneur for the money, your experience will be radically different and will not position you for long-term success.

Thanks to Deborah Sweeney, MyCorporation.com!

#9- Having success helps you sell it

Photo Credit: Chris Holder

I believe that business success is not overrated as it's the key for most entrepreneurs business growth. Without having business success it's very hard to get new clients to believe you are the answer to their problem. So whether it's obtaining a small win or major ones as long as you are having success you can sell success to the stranger when they are comparing who they will go with for business. If you think about it, most people are not looking to pay the nice guy with no success, most people deal with people that they may not like because they know that person will get them to where they want to go. The reason I say that is because it happened to me when the market crash in 2007/2008. I was looking for a win and the one thing I knew is the person had to be having current business success for me to even listen. I met her, did not like her, but worked with her as she was the best in her space and 6 months later I was having more success than her. So personally without success, it will be harder for any business to grow beyond where they currently are.

Thanks to Chris Holder

#10- The overly glamorized ideology of a successful business is definitely overrated

Photo Credit: Kendra N. Jones

As a serial entrepreneur, I don’t think that success in business is overrated, however, I do believe the overly glamorized ideology surrounding what a successful business should look like is definitely overrated as success for each person will look different. Being that no two people are the same or have the same thoughts processes, one’s perception of success may differ from the next. Moreover, each individual will have different goals for their business which also leaves room for variation on what one would or would not consider success. It the job of each business owner to explore and determine what the overall goals are for their business. Once this has been done, that person now has a rubric to track their progress and measure whether or not their objectives are successfully being met. With that being said, in my opinion, success in business is not overrated; the forced concepts to believe that success can only be obtained in a limited number of ways is.

Thanks to Kendra N. Jones

#11- It's pure bliss

Photo Credit: Lisamarie Monaco

Business success is the sexiest thing you can achieve. Entrepreneurship is rough in the beginning. It is not for the faint of heart. That feeling you have in the beginning, the focus, drive, determination along with frustrating moments are all part of the process. When your business grows, and your clients grow along with you and the demand for your product is great it is a feeling like no other! In my opinion, it is not overrated; it
is pure bliss!

Thanks to Lisamarie Monaco, InsuranceForBurial.com!

#12- Could mean different to everyone

Photo Credit: George Richardson

Success is a very subjective thing and so that means that to everyone, business success could be different. To some it's money, to others it's to the have time to spend with family. Depending on what success means to you it might be fulfilling but I could be overrated. If you want to build a company and develop a sustainable income so that you have more free time, I'd say that this is a worthwhile cause because in that free time you could be doing a number of things. Whether that's spending time with your loved ones, developing new businesses or organizing a charity event, it's all-time well-spent.

Thanks to George Richardson, Arbor Living!

#13-It’s the hard-earned reward

Photo Credit: Charlene Walters

I don't believe that business success is overrated. It's the hard-earned reward for putting in long hours and making sacrifices, particularly as an entrepreneur or executive. You've had to hustle to earn your success and these accomplishments can do a lot for you. For one, they can give you a tremendous confidence boost which can spill over into other areas of your life and can also lead to future opportunities. In general, the hope is that you will achieve big first and then eventually get the chance to relax and enjoy the fruits of your labor. On the flip-side, however, I do believe that personal success is underrated. There should always be a balance between your personal and business success, and the two shouldn't be mutually exclusive. You will never have true happiness if there isn't true balance in your life. Seek success in all facets of your life and go after that consistent balance for the greatest satisfaction.

Thanks to Charlene Walters, Own Your Other!

#14- Success is overrated

Photo Credit: Matthew Ferry

At the pinnacle of my success I was making 7 figures, lived in the best neighborhood, nice cars, the trophy wife, 4 kids and I was genuinely lonely and disillusioned. I believed that more success, access, and resources would provide me with the peace of mind that I sought. But it was the opposite because success is about safety and survivability. Success is a survival process. Peace of mind is a thriving process. I've been coaching wealthy Wall Street executives and CEO's to make peace with disappointment they feel when they realize that more success doesn't create the peace of mind they hoped for. Success creates notariety, access and vast resources to do whatever you want. But nothing in the external world will help you be at peace. In the end, Surprisingly, I've found that inner optimization creates outer acceleration.

Thanks to Matthew Ferry

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